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Royal Air Force Official Histories

About the Series

The intention behind the series is to publish many of the formerly classified studies undertaken by the Air Historical Branch of the Ministry of Defence. These will include both the seminal works produced immediately after the Second World War, and more recent monographs on pst-war RAF policy and operations.

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Growth of Fighter Command, 1936-1940 Air Defence of Great Britain, Volume 1

Growth of Fighter Command, 1936-1940: Air Defence of Great Britain, Volume 1

1st Edition

Edited By Sebastian Cox, T.C.G. James
July 17, 2014

The first of two volumes of the classified Air Historical Branch study of Fighter Command and the Air Defence of the United Kingdom. It covers pre-war expansion of the Command, the creation of the first integrated air defence system, and an account of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain....

The Battle of Britain Air Defence of Great Britain, Volume II

The Battle of Britain: Air Defence of Great Britain, Volume II

1st Edition

By T.C.G. James
September 29, 2000

This is the second volume of the classified history of air defence in Great Britain. Written while World War II was still being fought, the account has an analysis of the defensive tactics of Fighter Command, and attempts a day-by-day analysis of the action as it took place....

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