1st Edition

Rules in the Making A Statistical Analysis of Regulatory Agency Behavior

    Rules in the Making represents an attempt to revolutionize ways of thinking about regulatory decision-making. The book tries to show that statistical methodologies can be used to determine what factors are important in the establishment of government regulation by developing a mathematical model of the regulatory process and agency behavior. The model is then tested using a case study of the Environmental Protection Agency's setting of effluent discharge standards under the Clean Water Act. Originally published in 1986

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Agency Rulemaking; Chapter 3 Informal Rulemaking in Practice: BPT Standards; Chapter 4 Rulemaking Theories and Hypotheses; Chapter 5 Methodological Issues; Chapter 6 Analysis and Findings; Chapter 7 Further Implications of the Research Findings;


    Winston Harrington, Wesley Magat, Alan J. Krupnick