1st Edition

Run Grow Transform Integrating Business and Lean IT

By Steven C Bell Copyright 2013
    372 Pages 52 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    372 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    How can you apply Lean principles and practices throughout your enterprise to drive operational excellence, reduce costs while improving quality, enable efficient growth, and accelerate idea-to-value innovation? Shingo Prize-winning author Steve Bell and other thought leaders show you how guiding you to more effectively align people and purpose, promote enterprise agility, and leverage transformative IT capabilities to create market-differentiating value for your customers.

    In Pursuit of Growth and Innovation; Steve Bell
    Value Streams: Aligning Resources to Create Value; Steve Bell
    Integrating IT Capabilities into Value Streams; Steve Bell
    Leveraging Value Stream Resources; Steve Bell
    Speeding Ideas to Market; Steve Bell
    Measuring Value; Steve Bell
    Lean Leadership and the Lean Management System; Steve Bell
    The Lean Learning Enterprise; Steve Bell

    Lean Enterprise Architecture: An Architectural View of IT Value Stream Flow; Charles Betz
    Lean and Business Process Management: Seeing the Whole; Paul Harmon and Sandra Foster
    Lean IT Service Management: Understanding and Navigating the Cultural Silos of IT Value Streams; Troy Dumoulin
    Lean ERP: Combating Complexity and Accelerating Change; Steve Bell
    Lean Software Development: Exploring the Principles of Value and Flow; Mary Poppendieck
    Lean Data Management: The Invisible Dimension Supporting the Flow of Value; John Schmidt 
    Lean Business Intelligence: Listening to the Virtual Voice of the Customer; Steve Bell

    What Is Lean IT? A Working Definition; Steve Bell
    Additional Lean Resources; Steve Bell
    Case Study: Ci&T: Doing the Right Things; Bruno Guicardi
    Case Study: ING Bank Netherlands: Our Lean IT Transformation Journey; David Bogaerts and Jael Schuyer
    Case Study: Netsis: An ERP Publisher’s Lean IT Journey; Murat Ihlamur


    Steve Bell began his career in the early 1980s as an accountant, where he learned to appreciate the underlying information and systems needed to run a business. When IBM introduced the first PC, he joined the world of IT at the very beginning of the ERP industry evolution. He first became acquainted with Lean principles and practices in the early 1990s, when he quickly realized that the key to creating effective IT systems was engaging employees in the simplification and continuous improvement of business processes before investing in information systems. He applied this philosophy to ERP and software development projects, which led to his first book, Lean Enterprise Systems (Wiley, 2006). The success of this book led him more deeply into the practice of Lean IT, where he began facilitating kaizen events and strategy deployment initiatives, while integrating Agile software development and IT Service management with the fundamental Lean principles. This led to his second book, Lean IT (Productivity Press, 2010), which received the 2011 Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence research award. Steve serves on the faculty of the Lean Enterprise Institute. He travels worldwide presenting workshops, leading gemba walks, and advising clients on applying Lean IT principles and practices to solve their daily business challenges, including fast and effective governance and portfolio management, continual IT service improvement, end-to-end application development lifecycle management, ERP agility and continuous improvement, and the design of effective measurement systems that help teams focus on the right things. In addition to his work leading Lean IT transformation, Steve and his wife Karen are actively involved in the nonprofi t and nongovernmental organization (NGO) community. As founders of Lean4NGO (http://www.Lean4NGO.org), their mission is to bring Lean practices to humanitarian aid organizations, improving operational efficiency (use of scarce resources) and effectiveness (improved outcomes) to benefit the three billion people living at the bottom of the pyramid on less than $2 a day. Steve may be reached through his website at http://www.LeanITStrategies.com.

    Today’s customers want it all and they want it now: innovation, speed, agility, and value. How can you drive operational excellence, stimulate growth, and accelerate idea-to-value innovation throughout your enterprise? Shingo Prize-winning author Steve Bell, joined by other thought leaders, offers useful insights and examples you can start using now. Run Grow Transform takes the next logical step to driving enterprise value. This could be the game-changing playbook for IT 3.0.
    —Mark Katz, CIO & Senior Vice President, Esselte Corporation

    A powerful read detailing how companies can leverage their Lean IT transformation to supercharge the business.
    —Tom Paider, IT Build Capability Leader, Nationwide

    The consistent application of the practices described in this book has enabled Embraer to reap huge gains. I recommend this book as a desktop companion.
    —Alexandre Baulé, Vice President Information Systems, Embraer

    Run Grow Transform takes the reader a leap forward, ready for immediate application to bridge Lean and innovation.
    —Melissa Barrett, Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy, Premera Blue Cross

    This book focuses on the most critical and challenging issue for any aspect of the development or use of IT: creating a collaborative learning culture.
    —Jeffrey K. Liker, Shingo Prize-Winning Author of The Toyota Way

    Run Grow Transform sets out the principles and practices necessary for success in the new economy.
    —Jez Humble, author of Continuous Delivery

    Steve Bell has hit another home run with this book. Either your organization will adopt the wisdom contained in this book and thrive, or your competitors will do so and put you out of business.
    —Scott Ambler, author Disciplined Agile Delivery and 19 other books

    It’s rare to see truly new insight added to the Lean discussion. Steve Bell does just that by continuing to push the frontiers of Lean thinking.
    —Alexander Brown, COO, Scrum Inc.

    A powerful read detailing how companies can leverage their Lean IT transformation to supercharge the business.
    —Tom Paider, IT Build Capability Leader, Nationwide

    Steve Bell has mapped a new trajectory. I challenge any CIO to read Bell’s breakthrough work and not be compelled to start this journey to become a transformative leader in the creation of real and sustainable value.
    —Jeffrey Barnes, Society for Information Management (SIM), Regional Director, Advanced Practices Council

    All too often the IT organization is viewed as an impediment to lean transformation, when it truly can be a catalyst. Steve’s book sorts out all the noise, the jargon, and the "hero culture", guiding the reader to what is so obvious, yet so hard to see: build your culture around your customer!
    —Josh Rapoza, Director of Web Strategy and Operations, Lean Enterprise Institute

    Aligning Lean and IT is a great challenge with a big payoff. This book really shows how Lean and IT can create a strong enterprise; it’s a great inspiration.
    —Klaus Lyck Petersen, Solar A/S

    A must read for any organization that is pursuing continuous improvement. In today’s world, real business improvement cannot be achieved without the IT factor; this book will help any organization achieve the improvement that they are seeking.
    —Barry J. Brunetto, Vice President, Information Systems, Blount International

    Precise, concise, and entertaining, this book provides the reader with crucial tips on how IT can help enterprises survive and thrive in a fast-paced technological and economic environment. This is mandatory reading not only for businesses and IT organizations, but also for universities and policy makers.
    —Fuat Alican, PhD, Vice President, Central American Scientific Research and Education Center

    Not just for Lean Practitioners, Run Grow Transform is a must-have reference for any IT organization, regardless of size, age or industry, looking to move to the next level of performance.
    —Sarah Topham, Lean Deployment Leader, Information Technology & Product Management, Paychex, Inc.

    This is a long overdue book that addresses the key challenges for today's IT organization and puts Lean IT into a context that is too often lacking.
    —James Finister, Tata Consultancy Services

    The 'business as usual' scenario is not an option in today’s economy and global challenges. A transformation in methods, tools and frameworks is needed to guide our business decisions. This book is your first step!
    —Khuloud Odeh, IT Director, Grameen Foundation

    Delivering beyond the helpful folk wisdom and narrow techniques and technologies found elsewhere, Steve Bell and his contributors provide practical full value stream lifecycle methods for continuous improvement using Lean in an IT and customer (business) setting.
    —Martin Erb, Director of Professional Services, Pink Elephant

    Run Grow Transform
    clarifies the eternal quest of IT: to simply "running" of the business and to create innovative solutions to grow the business and create sustainable competitive advantage to transform the way customers interact with your business, in plain, actionable advice from one who has been on the front lines.
    —Tom Foco, Value Stream Solutions