1st Edition

Run-to-Run Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Run-to-run (R2R) control is cutting-edge technology that allows modification of a product recipe between machine "runs," thereby minimizing process drift, shift, and variability-and with them, costs. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in a variety of processes, such as vapor phase epitaxy, lithography, and chemical mechanical planarization. The only barrier to the semiconductor industry's widespread adoption of this highly effective process control is a lack of understanding of the technology. Run to Run Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing overcomes that barrier by offering in-depth analyses of R2R control.

    What is Run-top-Run Control?
    Target Audience
    Purpose of this Book
    Current State-of-the-Art in Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Control
    History of the Development of Run-to-Run Control
    Current State o-of-the-Art in Run-to-Run Control Development and Deployment
    Simple Example: Run-to-Run Control and Comparison to Statistical Process Control
    Identifying Target Applications for Run-to-Run Control
    Class of Applications that can Utilize Run-t0-Run Control
    General Run-to-Run Control Development and Deployment Process
    Issues in Deploying Run-to-Run Control
    Developing a Run-to-Run Solution: Run-to-Run Algorithms
    Linear Approximation Algorithms
    Higher Order Approximation Algorithms
    Neural Network Algorithms
    Other Approaches
    Developing a Run-to-Run Solution: Practical Extensions to Algorithms
    Developing and Deploying Run-to-Run Solutions:
    Integrating Control
    The Generic Cell Controller
    Other Approaches
    Integrating into Factory-Wide Manufacturing System
    Run-to-Run Solution Development, Deployment, and Customization Methodology
    Process Identification
    Choosing a Run-to-Run Control Solution
    Customizing the Run-to-Run Control Solution to the Process
    Run-to-Run Control System Deployment Case Studies
    Chemical-Mechanical Planarization
    Vapor Phase Epitaxy
    Advanced Topics
    Feasibility Analysis of Run-to-Run Control Solutions
    Stability Analysis of Run-to-Run Control Solutions
    Combining Process Run-to-Run Control with Inter-Process Control
    Summary of Run-to-Run Development and Deployment Process
    Deploying Run-to-Run Control in a Timely and Cost Effective Manner
    Overcoming Barriers to Deployment
    Future Research and Development Issues


    James Moyne, Enrique del Castillo, Arnon M. Hurwitz