1st Edition

Running a Course

By Keith Bolden Copyright 1998

    This book explains some of the principles behind the teaching philosophies of vocational training in general practice, to shares ideas which have been developed and discusses the reasons for success or failure. It is hoped that all of those involved in training young doctors may find something of interest and value which can be incorporated
    into their own activities.


    1. Introduction 2. Selection of trainees 3. The structure of the scheme and its core content 4. The introductory course 5. Projects and reading 6. Educational methods 7. Assessment—the half-day release course 8. Assessment—training posts and special courses 9. Multi-disciplinary learning 10. Special courses 11. The trainee residential weekend 12. The leaders' group 13. Personal milestones of a group leader 14. The professional development of a trainee 15. Lessons we have learnt


    Keith Bolden, Declan Dwyer, Richard Leete and Russell Steele