1st Edition

Rural Change and Planning England and Wales in the Twentieth Century

By Gordon Cherry, A.W. Rogers Copyright 1996

    This book provides a critical overview of rural change over the eighty years since the outbreak of the Great War, making clear the historical origins of present-day policy. It also provides a structural integration for the many diverse themes which must be interwoven in order to understand current conditions in the countryside.

    Introduction: twentieth century themes. The countryside in 1914. The hiatus of war: 1914-1918. The inter-war period. The hiatus of war: planning the countryside 1939-1945. Planning for agriculture and forestry in the post-war world. Rural economic change and policy since 1945. Countryside recreation and landscape protection since 1945. Rural communities since 1945. Rural land use planning: post-war pursuit of objectives. Rural change and planning: threads in the pattern. References. Index.


    Cherry, Gordon; Rogers, A.W.

    'Rural Change and Planning.... is to be recommended warmly to students who need a clear critical guide to a century of countryside change.' - Urban Studies

    '...essential reading for academics and practitioners trying to make sense, and act on behalf, of rural communities.' - Planning Practice and Research

    'Cherry and Rogers have harvested and distilled an enormous amount of material and presented it in a logical, lucid and highly readable form - a fitting epitaph for Gordon Cherry, and one that I am certain will be read and re-read by many well into the millenium.' - Planning Practice and Research

    'a sure bet for student reading lists...skilled use of examples...concise and lucid analysis' - Planning Perspectives

    '...especially useful for students of geography, town planning, environmental studies and landscape planning' - Landscape Design

    'Not the least refreshing aspect of this book is that it restores one's somewhat battered faith in the Enlightenment ideal' - Town and Country Planning

    'It is a supremely clearly written account by two experienced writers and researchers effortlessly on top of the task in hand' - Town & Country Planning