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Rural Development And Migration A Study Of Family Choices In The Philippines

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    by Routledge

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    Perhaps because I grew up on a farm in Ohio, I have long been interested in rural development. Although I fll'St became a migrant at the age of 17 when I left the farm to continue my studies in a city college, I was not aware of the relation between rural development and migration until many years later when I began studying patterns of urban and rural poverty. This research has grown out of my continuing investigation of the ways that migration .has been seen as both a response to chronic conditions of rural poverty and a factor potentially exacerbating urban poverty conditions. If governments wanted to deal with urban poverty, they would want to restrict urban in-migration, yet if they reduced urban in-migration, this would remove one of the important means available to persons seeking to raise themselves out of rural impoverishment. This would clearly be a no-win situation for the rural poor; the only way to deal fairly with both urban and rural poverty would be to foster socio-economic development of rural areas. Thus, I became interested in studying the patterns of rural development which actually have had an effect on the migration decisions of rural families.

    List of Tables -- List of Figures -- Foreword / Calvin Goldscheider -- Preface -- Chapter 1: Rural Development and Migration: The Issues -- Chapter 2: An Approach to Contextual Migration Models -- Chapter 3: Family and Community Contexts of the Development-Migration Relation -- Chapter 4: Research Strategies for Examining Contextual Models of Development and Migration -- Chapter 5: Community and Family Profiles in Docos Norte -- Chapter 6: The Pattem of Family and Community Influence on Migration Decisions: Estimation of the Interactive. Contextual Migration Model -- Chapter 7: The View from the Villages: How People Experience the Interactive Effects -- Chapter 8: Development and Migration: New Insights -- Appendix 1 -- Appendix 2 -- Bibliography.