1st Edition

Rural India Land, Power and Society Under British Rule

Edited By Peter Robb Copyright 1983

    First published in 1983, Rural India intends to provide pictures of Indian rural society in the past, from the standpoint of relationships and exchanges between the countryside and the more general physical and cultural context of which it is a part. A predominant theme is control over land and people. Others are the impact of British rule, the political role of local networks and ties, and the response to and internalising of external stimuli. Attempts are made to examine the concepts employed by scholars in relation to the perceptions of the villagers and similarly to interpret economic and social data in radical ways. This book will be of interest to student of South Asian studies, history, economics and agriculture.

    List of Contributors Preface 1. Introduction Peter Robb 2. Idiom and Ideology in Early Nineteenth-Century South India Burton Stein 3. A Note on the Term ‘Land Control’ Dharma Kumar 4. Land, Power and Market Jacques Pouchepadass 5. State, Peasant and Money-Lender in Late Nineteenth-Century Bihar Peter Robb 6. Between British Raj and Saran Raiyat Anand A. Yang 7. The Origins of Fragmentation of Landholdings in British India Neil Charlesworth 8. Plague and the Indian Village, 1896-1914 I. J. Catanach 9. Muslim Political Mobilization in Rural Punjab 1937-46 Ian Talbot 10. The Rural World of Tarashankar Banerjee Rajat K. Ray


    Peter Robb