1st Edition

Russia and Germany Century of Conflict

By Walter Laqueur Copyright 1990
    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    388 Pages
    by Routledge

    Despite changes in the international constellation since Russia and Germany initially appeared in 1965, the relationship between these two nations remains the most important single issue in European politics and East-West affairs. This study of what Russians and Germans have thought of each other and the fateful consequences of their interacting ideas is of lasting significance.The fact that Russia and Germany have embodied extreme manifestations of the totalitarian plague in the twentieth century. After briefly exploring the historical origins of Russophobia in Germany and of anti-Germanism in Russia, Laqueur reviews in detail the confrontation of Nazism and Bolshevism that culminated in World War II. He deals with the Russian origins of National Socialism and the ideology of the Russian far right from the days of the "Black Hundred" to its recent revival.This edition includes a major new introduction by the author, reviewing developments in the relationship between Russia and Germany in the last 25 years, and speculating about its future. Long out of print, Russia and Germany will be again welcomed by political scientists, students of international relations, and all those with an interest in recent history and current events.

    1: Russian-German Attitudes; 2: ‘De Moribus Ruthenorum’; 3: ‘We are Bigger People than the Germans’; 4: The Rise of National Socialism Part I: Hitler’s Mentors; 5: The Rise of National Socialism Part II: The Elders of Zion; 6: The Rise of National Socialism Part III: Prologue to the Final Solution; 7: Between Moscow and Weimar; 8: Hitler and Russia 1923–33; 9: Nazi Policy and the Soviet Union 1933–8; 10: Anti-Komintern; 11: Nazism in the Soviet Mirror; 12: Days of Wrath 1939–63; 13: Stalin and Hitler; 14: Russia, Germany and the Future


    Walter Laqueur