1st Edition

Russia and the Question of World Order

Edited By Elias Götz, Camille-Renaud Merlen Copyright 2020
    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    Russia and the Question of World Order engages with three sets of questions that cut to the heart of the ongoing debate about Russia’s role in the present world order.

    Firstly, the book asks what are Russia’s aims and objectives? Is Russia a highly revisionist power bent on overturning established rules and institutions, or is it best understood as a country with limited ambitions? Secondly, contributors ask what factors shape Russia’s views on the global order and its foreign policy choices? And finally, they ask what are the consequences of Russia’s actions for the existing international order? To answer these questions the book brings together scholars who analyse Russia’s world order policies through the lenses of different theoretical approaches, including the English School, E.H. Carr’s classical realism, social constructivism, and a long durée perspective.

    Examining Russia’s role in the present world order, with a special focus on Moscow’s relations with the US, China, and the EU, Russia and the Question of World Order will be of great interest to scholars of international relations and Russian foreign policy. The chapters were originally published as a special issue of European Politics and Society.

    1. Russia and the question of world order

    Elias Götz and Camille-Renaud Merlen

    2. Russia and the European security order revisited: from the congress of Vienna to the post-cold war

    Tuomas Forsberg

    3. Carr goes east: reconsidering power and inequality in a post-liberal Eurasia

    Kevork K. Oskanian

    4. Russian strategic culture, domestic politics and Cold War 2.0

    Roger E. Kanet

    5. Convergence or divergence? Visions of world order and the Russian-Chinese relationship

    Marcin Kaczmarski

    6. Russia’s Eurasian past, present and future: rival international societies and Moscow’s place in the post-cold war world

    Zachary Paikin, Kaneshko Sangar and Camille-Renaud Merlen


    Elias Götz is a Researcher at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), Uppsala University, Sweden. He has published on Russian foreign policy in journals such as International Studies Review, Foreign Policy Analysis, and International Politics.

    Camille-Renaud Merlen is a PhD Candidate at the School of Politics and International Relations (POLIR), University of Kent, UK. He researches Russian conceptions of sovereignty, including Russia’s engagement with supranational courts.