1st Edition

Russian Corporations The Strategies of Survival and Development

By Andrei Kuznetsov Copyright 2002

    Do you understand what it takes to conduct business successfully in the new Russia?

    The large-scale market reforms that revolutionized Russian business are now nearly a decade old. In this period, as editor Andrei Kuznetsov puts it, ”The Russian economy has acquired some intriguing characteristics that affect any firm or person wishing to do business in Russia. Most noticeable of them are the spread of barter transactions, a low level of investment activities, labor hoarding, and the importance of networks and unorthodox forms of corporate governance.”

    Russian Corporations: The Strategies of Survival and Development shows that while predictions of the quick development of a functional market economy in the new Russia have not, for the most part, come true, it is nevertheless possible, if one’s preconceptions are properly modified, to do business successfully there.

    In this timely and informative book you will find:

    • information about the scale and scope of barter in the new Russia--how it works and why it is crucial to the survival of industry
    • the pros and cons of insider shareholding in the new Russia
    • the evolution of ownership structures and patterns of control in Russian firms
    • a discussion of investment (and the lack of it) in Russian industry
    • data about supplier/buyer relationship management in the region

      Investors, businesspeople, educators, and students will all find fascinating information in Russian Corporations: The Strategies of Survival and Development. This single source will bring you up to date on the theory and practice of corporate business in the new Russia.

    • Introduction
    • Investment and Non-Investment in the Russian Industry
    • Barter: New Data and Comments
    • Management of Relations Between Suppliers and Buyers: The Case of Russia
    • The Largest and Dominant Shareholders in the Russian Industry: Evidence of the Russian Economic Barometer Monitoring
    • The Virtues and Weaknesses of Insider Shareholding
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Kuznetsov, Andrei