1st Edition

Russia's International Relations in the Twentieth Century

By Alastair Kocho-Williams Copyright 2013
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    Russia has long been a major player in the international relations arena, but only by examining the whole century can Russian foreign policy be properly understood, and the key questions as to the impact of war, of revolution, of collapse, the emergence of the Cold War and Russia’s post-Soviet development be addressed.

    Surveying the whole of the twentieth century in an accessible and clear manner Russia’s International Relations in the Twentieth Century provides an overview and narrative, with analysis, that will serve as an introduction and resource for students of Russian foreign policy in the period, and those who seek to understand the development of modern Russia in an international context.

    The volume includes:

    • an analysis of the major themes which surrounded Russia’s position in world affairs as one of the European Great Powers before the First World War
    • the impact of Revolution and the emergence of Soviet foreign policy with its dual aims of normalization and world revolution
    • the changes wrought to the international order by the rise of Nazi Germany and by the Second World War
    • the origins and development of the Cold War
    • the end of the Cold War and the Soviet collapse
    • how Russia has rebuilt itself as an international power in the post-Soviet era.


    An essential resource for students of Russian history and International policy.

    1. Introduction 2. Russian Foreign Policy under the last Tsar 3. The Russian Revolution and International Dimensions 4. Peaceful Coexistence: The Development of Soviet Foreign Policy in the 1920s 5. Stalin’s Foreign Policy 6. The Soviet Union and the Second World War 7. The Emergence of the Cold War: Soviet Approaches 8. Cold War Conflict: Korea, Vietnam, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe 9. Ending the Cold War 10. After the Fall: Russian Foreign Policy in a Multi-Polar World 11. Conclusion


    Kocho-Williams, Alastair

    "Russia's International Relations in the Twentieth Century is an important guide to understanding the past and present - and to contemplating the future - of Russian foreign policy. Comprehensive in its coverage, summing up recent scholarship on Soviet policies in Europe, Alastair Kocho-Williams documents the continuities in Russia's foreign policy throughout its tumultuous twentieth century: its alliances based on common enemies rather than common values; its simultaneous position as an Asian, European and even a global power; and its use of economic, ideological, and military tools in addition to diplomatic ones." - David C. Engerman, Brandeis University, USA 

    "…Alastair Kocho-Williams provides a succinct and detailed account of Russian and Soviet foreign policy, highlighting continuity and change over the period. This book is short, informative and is an indispensable resource for students…an excellent and informative resource for students of Russian and Soviet history." - Peter Whitewood, York St John University, UK