1st Edition

SPC Simplified Practical Steps to Quality

    304 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    300 Pages
    by Productivity Press

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    Written in clear language, this hands-on manual simplifies the essentials for monitoring, analyzing, and improving quality. While the authors employ statistical tools, these are rooted in practical examples, which require only basic math skills. The book explains how to set up and use variable and attribute control charts, as well as analyze frequency histograms, and evaluate machine and process capability. New sections cover such problem-solving tools as checksheets, flow charts, and scatter diagrams. The final module examines how SPC tools are used in organizations committed to continuous improvement. Practice problems are included at the end of each module.

    Preface Introduction
    MODULE 1: Basic Principles
    MODULE 2: Frequency Histograms and Checksheets
    MODULE 3: Variable Control Charts
    MODULE 4: Attribute Control Charts
    MODULE 5: Machine and Process Capability
    MODULE 6: Quality Problem-Solving Tools
    MODULE 7: Elements of a Total Quality Management System
    MODULE 8: Solutions to Practice Problems
    Glossary of Terms
    Recommended Readings and Resources
    Appendix: Factors and Formulas Index


    Robert T. Amsden is Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at the School of Business Administration, University of Dayton, and provides training in SPC, TOM and just-in-time methodologies. He has served at the national level for the American Society for Quality (ASO) and the Association for Quality and Participation (AQP). Howard E. Butler is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer and senior member of ASQ He has been a consultant for 16 years and previously worked at General Motors Corporation developing and managing quality management systems. He has conducted SPC training seminars for companies throughout North America and for George Washington University. Davida M. Amsden is a private consultant/educator in the areas of SPC, total quality systems, just-in-time manufacturing, and participative management. She has taught classes in SPC for the ASQ and for George Washington University.