1st Edition

SQL Server Database Programming with C# Desktop and Web Applications

By Ying Bai Copyright 2024
    670 Pages 473 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    670 Pages 473 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    Databases have become an integral part of modern-day life. We live in an information-driven society and database technology has a direct impact on our daily lives. Decisions are routinely made by organizations based on the information collected and stored in the databases. Because databases play such an important role in business and society, database programming is a key skill.

    SQL Server Database Programming with C#: Desktop and Web Applications is for college students and software programmers who want to develop practical and commercial skills in database programming with C# or Visual C#.NET 2022 as well as the relational database Microsoft SQL Server 2019. The book explains the practical considerations and applications in database programming with Visual C# 2022 and provides realistic examples and detailed explanations. A direct writing style is combined with real-world examples to provide readers with a clear picture of how to handle database programming issues in the Visual C#.NET 2022 environment.

    Highlights include:

    • A complete sample database CSE_DEPT, built with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express, is provided and used for the entire book. Step-by-step, detailed illustrations and descriptions show how to design and build a practical relational database.
    • Both fundamental and advanced database-programming techniques are covered to benefit beginning students and experienced programmers.
    • An advanced database query technique, LINQ API, which includes LINQ to Objects, LINQ to DataSet, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities and LINQ to XML, is discussed, analyzed, and implemented in actual projects with line-by-line explanations.
    • Homework and class projects are provided for each chapter to strengthen and improve students’ abilities to learn and understand the topics they studied.
    • PowerPoint teaching slides and selected homework solutions help instructors to teach and organize their classes easily and effectively.

    Useful and practical, this textbook is an intuitive guide on how to develop and build professional and practical database applications.

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Introduction to Databases
    Chapter 3. Introduction to ADO.NET
    Chapter 4. Introduction to Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
    Chapter 5. Data Selection Query with Visual C#.NET
    Chapter 6. Data Inserting with Visual C#.NET
    Chapter 7. Data Updating and Deleting with Visual C#.NET
    Chapter 8. Accessing Data in ASP.NET
    Chapter 9. ASP.NET Web Services


    Dr. Ying Bai is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Johnson C. Smith University. His special interests include Artificial intelligences, soft-computing, mix-language programming, fuzzy logic and deep learning, robotic controls, robots calibrations, and database programming. His industry experience includes positions as software and senior software engineers at companies such as Motorola MMS, Schlumberger ATE Technology, Immix TeleCom, and Lam Research. Since 2003, Dr. Bai has published 18 books with publishers such as Prentice Hall, CRC Press LLC, Springer, Cambridge University Press and Wiley IEEE Press. The Russian translation of his first book titled Applications Interface Programming Using Multiple Languages was published by Prentice Hall in 2005. The Chinese translation of his 8th book titled Practical Database Programming with Visual C#.NET was published by Tsinghua University Press in China in 2011. Most of his books are about artificial intelligence and soft-computing, software interfacing and serial port programming, database programming, fuzzy logic controls, microcontroller programming as well as classical and modern control technologies. During recent years, Dr. Bai has also published more than 65 academic research papers in IEEE Trans. Journals and International conferences.