1st Edition

Safety Accidents in Risky Industries Black Swans, Gray Rhinos and Other Adverse Events

By Sasho Andonov Copyright 2022
    210 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    210 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This text introduces bad events (incidents and accidents) named as metaphors. The metaphors, called as "safety animals," are named as black swan, gray rhino, gray swans, and invisible gorilla.

    The book analyzes incidents and accidents from the context of the safety management system in the risky industries including aviation, nuclear, chemical, oil, and petroleum. It further uses mathematical analysis of these events (through statistics and probabilities) and presents preventive and corrective measures in dealing with the same.

    It comprehensively covers important topics including real-time monitoring, reverse stress testing, change management, predictive maintenance, management system, contingency plans, human factors, behavioral safety, anticipatory failure determination, resilience engineering (RE), resilience management (RM), Swiss cheese model, and probability distribution.

    Aimed at professionals working in the fields of health and safety, quality engineering, compliance engineering, aerospace engineering, occupational health and safety, and industrial engineering, this text:

    • Provides an insight to safety managers in analyzing bad events and the ways to deal with them
    • Covers randomness, uncertainty, and predictability in detail
    • Explains concepts including reverse stress testing, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance in a comprehensive manner
    • Presents mathematical analysis of incidents and accidents using statistics and probability theories

    1. Philosophy of Science as Introduction. 2. The Black Swan events. 3. Analysis of the “Fat-tails” in Safety. 4. What to do with BSe in the Risky Industry?. 5. The Gray Rhino events. 6. Specifics of GRe in Risky Industry. 7. The Invisible Gorilla. 8. Other “Safety Animals”. 9. How to fight “Safety Animals”?. 10. Top Management and “Safety Animals”. 11. Final Words.


    Sasho Andonov is Graduated Engineer of Electronics and Telecommunications and he has Master Degree in Metrology and Quality Management. He has 30-years professional experience and the most of it is in aviation. Starting from 2005, he is mostly dedicated to Quality and Safety Management, especially in Risky Industries. His research interest is in Quality, Safety, Metrology, Non-Linear processes and Calibration. His teaching experience is built in the Military Technological College in Muscat (Oman) and in GAL ANS in Abu Dhabi (UAE) where he taught aviation subjects (EASA Part 66 and ATSEP). At the moment, he is working as Faculty – Aviation Science of Higher College of Technology (Khalifa Bin Zayeed Air College) in Al Ain (UAE).
    He attended many conferences with his papers and he has published three books in USA covering areas of Quality Management, Safety Management and Quality/Safety Auditing.