3rd Edition

Safety Management Systems in Aviation

    364 Pages 87 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    364 Pages 87 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Safety Management Systems in Aviation presents the quality management underpinnings of SMS. The four components that must be designed into proactive safety are: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.

    Including coverage on the cultures of regulatory organizations and expanded coverage on culture assessment, the book considers the nexus between cultural maturity and safety management performance. This third edition features new coverage of international requirements and implications for harmonization across international boundaries. In addition, the book includes new chapters and sections, examples, a hypothetical airline-oriented safety scenario, and case studies to enhance and reinforce student understanding.

    The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate aviation students taking Safety Management and Aviation Safety courses. It also functions as a valuable reference tool for SMS practitioners.

    Prologue: Quest Airlines

    Chapter 1 Introduction to SMS

    Chapter 2 History and Evolution of Safety

    Chapter 3 Safety Culture

    Chapter 4 Principles of Quality Management

    Chapter 5 Accident Investigation and SMS

    Chapter 6 Hazards

    Chapter 7 Risks

    Chapter 8 Controls

    Chapter 9 Taxonomies

    Chapter 10 Process-Based Safety Risk Management/Safety Assurance

    Chapter 11 Managing the SMS

    Chapter 12 Tools and Analysis Methods

    Chapter 13 SMS Effectiveness

    Chapter 14 Concluding Thoughts on the Future of SMS

    Epilogue: Quest Airlines Story


    Alan J Stolzer, Robert L Sumwalt, John J Goglia