382 Pages
    by Routledge

    382 Pages
    by Routledge

    This tenth edition of Sales Management continues the tradition of blending the most recent sales management research with the real-life "best practices" of leading sales organizations. The authors teach sales management courses, and interact with sales managers and sales management professors on a regular basis. Their text focuses on the importance of employing different sales strategies for different customer groups, as well as integrating corporate, business, marketing, and sales strategies. Sales Management includes coverage of the current trends and issues in sales management, along with numerous real-world examples from the contemporary business world that are used throughout the text to illuminate chapter discussions.

    Key changes in this edition include:

    • Updates in each chapter to reflect the latest sales management research, and leading sales management trends and practices;
    • Revised end-of-chapter cases;

    • Revised ethical dilemma boxes;

    • All new chapter opening vignettes about well-known companies that illustrate key topics from that chapter; and

    • New or updated comments from sales managers in "Sales Management in the 21st Century" boxes.


    An online instructor's manual with test questions and PowerPoints is available to adopters.


    About the Authors

     1. Changing World of Sales Management 

     Part I: Describing the Personal Selling Function  

    2. Overview of Personal Selling 

    Part II: Defining the Strategic Role of the Sales Function 

     3. Organizational Strategies and the Sales Function  

    4. Sales Organization Structure and Salesforce Deployment 

    Appendix 4. Developing Forecasts 

    Part III: Developing the Salesforce 

     5. Acquiring Sales Talent: Recruitment and Selection  

    6. Continual Development of the Salesforce: Sales Training 

    Part IV: Directing the Salesforce  

    7. Sales Leadership, Management, and Supervision 

     8. Motivation and Reward System Management 

    Part V: Determining Salesforce Effectiveness and Performance  

    9. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Organization  

    10. Evaluating the Performance of Salespeople






    Thomas N. Ingram is a Department Chair Emeritus and Professor of Marketing Emeritus at Colorado State University, USA.

    Raymond W. (Buddy) LaForge is the Brown-Forman Professor of Marketing Emeritus at University of Louisville, USA.

    Ramon A. Avila is the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Marketing and the founding director of the Center for Professional Selling at Ball State University, USA.

    Charles H. Schwepker, Jr. is the Randall and Kelly Harbert Distinguished Marketing Professor at University of Central Missouri, USA.

    Michael R. Williams is the American Floral Services Chair in Marketing and is Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Oklahoma City University, USA.