1st Edition

Salvation of the Soul and Islamic Devotion

By M. A. Quasem Copyright 1983

    First Published in 1983, Salvation of the Soul and Islamic Devotion demonstrates that salvation is a central concept of the religion of Islam, even though its meaning, causes and results according to Islam may differ from what is taught by Christianity and other world religions. The first chapter of the book presents the Islamic doctrine of salvation as set forth in the Quran and prophetic tradition. The meaning of salvation is explored, and the means to it on both human and divine sides are considered with special emphasis upon Islamic devotions. The remaining eight chapters deal with both obligatory and supererogatory devotions prescribed by Islam, concentrating on the methods of their correct performance, on which salvation is largely dependent.

    The material used in this book has been derived entirely from the original Islamic sources written in Arabic. Efforts are made to make the book useful to both Muslim and non-Muslim readers of English interested in the Islamic theory of salvation and acts of devotion.

    Preface Transliteration Abbreviations 1. Salvation 2. Cleanliness 3. Ritual Prayer 4. Fasting 5. Divine Tax 6. Pilgrimage 7. The Creation of the Quran 8. Remembrance of God 9. Supplication to God Conclusion Bibliography Index


    M. A. Quasem