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    Sarcocystis is one of the most prevalent parasites of livestock and also infects many wild mammals, birds, and humans. Written by the authors who pioneered studies of Sarcocystosis of domestic animals, Sarcocystosis of Animals and Humans, Second Edition provides a current and comprehensive review of Sarcocystis and the infections it causes in animals and humans. The book reviews the history, structure, life cycle, pathogenesis, lesions, clinical signs, diagnosis, immunity, epidemiology, treatment, prevention, and control of Sarcocystosis.

    See What’s New in the Second Edition:

    • New section on molecular diagnosis and DNA characterization of Sarcocystis species

    • New section on clinical sarcocystosis outbreaks in humans is added with a summary of all reports, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

    • New section on acute fatal outbreaks of sarcocystosis in birds

    • Complete description of the life cycles of all Sarcocystis species

    • List of all species whose life cycles are known

    • Comprehensive information on diagnosis, including molecular diagnosis

    • Additional information on zoonoses

    • In-depth coverage of treatment, control, and prevention

    Maintaining the format that made the first edition so popular, this new edition covers recent developments and excludes information that has become redundant. The authors include all literature and provide a comprehensive review of biology, clinical disease, economic losses, public health concerns, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They have tabulated information on all Sarcocystis species by host and listed species that should be considered species inquirende/invalid.

    General Biology. Techniques. Sarcocystis Species with Wide Host Range. Sarcocystosis in Humans (Homo Sapiens). Sarcocystosis in Pigs (Sus Scrofa). Sarcocystosis in Cattle (Bos Taurus). Sarcocystosis in Sheep (Ovis Aries). Sarcocystosis in Goats (Capra Hircus). Sarcocystosis in Water Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis). Sarcocystosis in Horses, Mules, and Donkeys (Equus Spp.). Sarcocystosis in Camels (Camelus Dromedarius and C. Bactrianus). Sarcocystosis in South American Camelids (Alpaca, Guanaco, Llama and Vicugna/Vicuña). Sarcocystosis in Dogs (Canis Familiaris). Sarcocystosis in Cats (Felis Catus). Sarcocystosis in Chickens (Gallus Gallus). Sarcocystosis in Other Avian Species. Sarcocystosis in Wild Ruminants and Other Large Animals. Sarcocystis in Wild Terrestrial Carnivores. Sarcocystis Species in Marsupials. Sarcocystosis in Rodents, Lagomorphs and Other Small Mammals. Sarcocystosis in Poikilothermic Animals Genetics , Phylogeny, and Molecular Epidemiology of Sarcocystis. List of Sarcocystis Species.


    J. P. Dubey, R. Calero-Bernal, B.M. Rosenthal, C.A. Speer, R. Fayer

    "Sarcocystosis is a zoonosis and is, par excellence, an example of where the veterinary and medical professions and those from associated specialist disciplines should be working in concert. The result, as this book illustrates splendidly, is a synergy that not only leads to important scientific advances but also contributes to the health and welfare of both people and animals." - John E. Cooper, Veterinary Record