1st Edition

Satellite Monitoring of Inland and Coastal Water Quality Retrospection, Introspection, Future Directions

By Robert P. Bukata Copyright 2005
    272 Pages
    by CRC Press

    280 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Satellite Monitoring of Inland and Coastal Water Quality: Retrospection, Introspection, Future Directions reviews how aquatic optics models can convert remote determinations of water color into accurate assessments of water quality. This book illustrates how this conversion can generate products of value for the environmental monitoring of optically complex inland and coastal waters.

    The author emphasizes how terrestrial, aquatic, and wetland remote sensing are underutilized tools due to a lack of influential end-usership. He takes a realistic look at this disinterest and examines why it exists, how it can be abated, and the synergies that need to be activated among technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and water quality professionals.

    Offering a guide to possible linkages between scientific products of remote sensing and their application to mandates and priorities of environmental stewards and policy-makers, this book uses the research and science agenda of Environment Canada as a template for generic environmental interests and concerns. It is hoped that this guide presents a compelling case for incorporation of aquatic remote sensing into protocols of ground-based environmental monitoring networks.

    Navel gazing at remote sensing of inland and coastal waters from space. Remote sensing of inland water quality: a science primer. The science of remotely sensing case 2 water quality. Applications of water quality products to environmental monitoring. Inland and coastal (case 2) water quality products. Crystal-ball gazing at remote sensing of inland and coastal waters from space. Truth in advertising of remote sensing products.


    Bukata, Robert P.