1st Edition

Scarcity and Growth The Economics of Natural Resource Availability

By Harold J. Barnett, Chandler Morse Copyright 2011

    In this classic study, the authors assess the importance of technological change and resource substitution in support of their conclusion that resource scarcity did not increase in the Unites States during the period 1870 to 1957. Originally published in 1963

    1: Scarcity and Growth: A Summary View; 1: The Doctrine of Increasing Natural Resource Scarcity; 2: Contemporary Views on the Social Aspects of Natural Resources; 3: Malthus, Ricardo, and Mill on Increasing Natural Resource Scarcity; 4: The Conservation Movement; II: Growth and Increasing Scarcity without Progress; 5: Basic Scarcity Models; 6: Mitigations of Scarcity in Complex Economies; III: Resources in a Progressive World; 7: A Parametrically Variant, Static, and Historical Growth Model; 8: The Unit Cost of Extractive Products; 9: A Weak Scarcity Hypothesis and Its Test; 10: Ambiguous Indicators of Resource Scarcity; IV: Welfare in a Progressive World; 11: Self-Generating Technological Change; 12: Natural Resources and the Quality of Life


    Harold J. Barnett, Chandler Morse

    'A superb addition to the body of knowledge available to scholars and practitioners in the resource field. Its influence should be great.' Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 'Its quality is such that it is likely to be cited for many years as a standard reference on the subject examined.' Journal of Farm Economics