1st Edition

Scenario Innovation Experiences from a European Experimental Garden

    The Visions Project brought together a range of decision makers, scientists and thinkers to collectively envision a Europe of the future in terms of sustainable development, and this book is the result of their efforts. Addressing a range of contentious questions from employment to the environment, and approaching the issues from a wide variety of standpoints, these experts also give the reader an analysis of the status quo and ask pertinent and provoking questions about the Europe we are building for the future.

    The Experimental Garden

    The Global Context

    The VISIONS Approach

    Regional and European Scenarios

    Integrated Visions


    Dr. Marjolein B.A. van Asselt is a senior researcher at Maastricht University. She is member of the Young Academy of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW). She has worked at various research institutes in the Netherlands and in Switzerland and she has been a visiting scholar at Oxford University. She is an expert in uncertainty, risk and futures studies.

    Professor Jan Rotmans is currently Professor in Transition Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He has worked at the RIVM and ICIS in the Netherlands and with the UN Commission for Sustainable Development in New York. He is an expert in integrated assessment and transition management.

    Dr. Dale S. Rothman has worked in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK, where he is currently is a Senior Researcher with the Socio-Economics Research Programme at the Macaulay Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is an expert in environmental economics, integrated assessment and scenario analysis.