1st Edition

Scheduling Strategies for Middle Schools

    280 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    280 Pages
    by Eye On Education

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    With over 150 sample schedules, this book shows how scheduling strategies can enhance your school's capacity to offer exploratory courses, interdisciplinary teaching teams, teacher-based guidance programs, and other programs and practices which are responsive to the needs of early adolescents.

    - The Critical Role of Scheduling in Fully Implementing Middle School Practices
    - Adapting Principles of Modular Scheduling for the Middle School
    - Alternate-Day Schedules in the Middle School
    Includes: 6 period formats, 7 period formats and 8 period formats
    - Adapting the 4/4 Schedule
    Includes: 2 teacher teams, 3 teacher teams, 4 teacher teams, and 6 teacher teams; and sliding lunch periods, 2 lunch periods, 3 lunch periods, and 4 lunch periods
    - The Five Block Middle School Schedule
    - Scheduling Exploratory and Elective Classes
    - Using Principles of Parallel Block Scheduling in Middle School to Reduce Class Size
    - Scheduling Extended Learning Time in the Middle School
    - Teaching in the Middle School Block Schedule
    Includes: Cooperative Learning, Seminars, Simulations, Using Technology, Imporving Lectures
    - References


    Robert Lynn Canady, Michael D. Rettig