1st Edition

Schizophrenia A Workbook for Healthcare Professionals

By Peter Thompson Copyright 1995
    146 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The quality of health care in the US depends on the patient's ability to pay and his or her insurance cover, at an annual cost of $3600 per head of population. In the UK, the quality of care costs less at an annual cost of $1000 per head of population, although care is sometimes delayed through a lack of resources. This book compares the two systems from the viewpoint of primary care, identifying some models of excellence from which both can benefit. It draws on the experience of the NHS reforms in the UK and the political imperative to control costs and improve the service in the US.

    Student Guidelines - how to use this package. Unit 1 - An introduction to psychosocial interventions. Unit 1 progress check. Unit 2 - Understanding the client group and family needs. Section 1 - The nature of Schizophrenia. Section 2 - Treatment approaches to Schizophrenia. Section 3 - Prevention of relapse. Section 4 - Case management. Section 5 - The impact of stress in relation to Schizophrenia. Unit 2 progress check. Unit 3 - The application of psychosocial interventions in practice. Section 1 - The effects of working with families. Section 2 - Family work - the package. Section 3 - Assessing need. Section 4 - Psychosocial interventions in primary care. Unit 3 progress check. Unit 4 - Development needs for primary health care teams. Section 1 - Review of principles of care. Section 2 - What next? Personal action plan. Appendices. Appendix one - Answers to unit progress check. Appendix two - Structured psychoeducation programme - an example. Appendix three - Development issues for primary care teams. Appendix four - Training practitioners in the use of psychosocial interventions. Appendix five - Summative assessment. Appendix six – References.