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Schnitzer Studies in Israel Society Series

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Aging in Israel Research, Policy and Practice

Aging in Israel: Research, Policy and Practice

1st Edition

By Sara Carmel
March 15, 2010

In the twentieth century, all developed nations began to undergo unprecedented demographic changes, as their birth rates declined, and life expectancies increased significantly --an average of thirty years in less than a century. These developments have caused major transformations in the ...

Israel's Destiny Fertility and Mortality in a Divided Society

Israel's Destiny: Fertility and Mortality in a Divided Society

1st Edition

By Jon Anson
December 15, 2006

For over a hundred years, demography has been at the heart of the Zionist project, reflected in the goal of creating and maintaining a Jewish majority in Israel and in ensuring the physical continuation of the Jewish people. Demography continues to be an essential issue in the current struggle ...

Work and Organizations in Israel

Work and Organizations in Israel

1st Edition

Edited By Itzhak Harpaz
June 30, 2004

Since the State of Israel was established, its labor force has grown rapidly and has become increasingly diverse in terms of its demographic, cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic characteristics. Israeli work values have shifted towards greater individualism, materialism, careerism, and preference ...

Stratification in Israel Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

Stratification in Israel: Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

1st Edition

By Moshe Semyonov
January 31, 2004

Until recently, issues surrounding ethnic-linked inequality, whether between Jews and Arabs or between Jewish ethnic groups, have dominated research on stratification in Israel to the exclusion of other dimensions. Rapidly growing inequality in Israeli society, and its intergenerational persistence...

Language and Communication in Israel

Language and Communication in Israel

1st Edition

By Hanna Herzog
October 30, 2000

The sociology of language and the sociology of communication are well-established fields in Israeli sociology, but it is only recently that their departments have grown vigorously in Israel's various universities. They are long-standing, respected disciplines in international sociology, as is ...

Immigration to Israel Sociological Perspectives Studies of Israeli Society

Immigration to Israel: Sociological Perspectives Studies of Israeli Society

1st Edition

Edited By Elazer Leshem
April 30, 1998

This eighth volume in the Studies of Israeli Society series presents a broad array of topics related to the sociology of immigration to Israel. The focus is on immigration and migration during the 1980s and 1990s. The chapters were selected from a list of approximately 450 articles on the subject ...

Israeli Judaism The Sociology of Religion in Israel

Israeli Judaism: The Sociology of Religion in Israel

1st Edition

Edited By Shlomo Deshen
January 30, 1995

This is an unusual and extremely timely collective effort. It appears at a moment inwhich Israelis not only must confront their Arab neighbors, but must deal with one another as Jews possessing radically different views on the present and future of the Jewish tradition. With this seventh volume of ...

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