1st Edition

Science & Resources Prospects and Implications of Technological Advance

By Henry Jarrett Copyright 2011

    First Published in 2011. This title explores the difficult and critical questions of the recent advances in science and technology and their strong influence on the production and use of natural resources. Planners, administrators, and ordinary voters must be aware of the physical and biological possibilities and limitations of their plans and aspirations; and scientists and technologists must recognize the social and economic meaning of the applications of their research. The present volume largely looks ahead, from the standpoint of outside influences upon resources from the laboratory and industrial plant. The essays resist pigeon-holing, for each distils in a few pages the accumulated thought and experience of men of varied viewpoints and strong convictions.

    Part I Genetics; Chapter 1 Molecules, Viruses, and Heredity, George W. Beadle; Chapter 2 Genetic Differentials and Man’s Future, Henry A. Wallace; Chapter 3 Agriculture’s New Multipliers, Oris V. Wells; Part II Weather Modification; Chapter 4 What Are We Doing About the Weather?, Horace R. Byers; Chapter 5 Toward Greater Control: High Risks, High Stakes, Clinton P. Anderson; Chapter 6 Weather Modification and Public Policy, Edward A. Ackerman; Part III Exploring for Minerals; Chapter 7 New Ways of Finding Minerals, John A. S. Adams; Chapter 8 The Pulse of Exploration, James Boyd; Chapter 9 Economics of Mineral Exploration, Paul W. Mcgann; Part IV Chemical Technology; Chapter 10 Past Gains and Future Promise, Earl P. Stevenson; Chapter 11 Unlocking New Resources, Frederick T. Moore; Chapter 12 The World-Wide Prospect, Richard L. Meier; Part V Nuclear Energy; Chapter 13 Toward Peaceful Uses of the Atom, Willard F. Libby; Chapter 14 Government Pricing and Civilian Reactor Technology, Philip Mullenbach; Chapter 15 Human Resources in an Atomic Age, E. Blythe Stason; Part VI New Knowledge from Outer Space; Chapter 16 Space Exploration: How and Why?, Lee A. DuBridge; Chapter 17 Mounting a National Space Program, Alan L. Dean; Chapter 18 The International Opportunity, Philip C. Jessup;


    Jarrett, Henry

    'The developers of the plans for the series of lectures from which this book emerged recognized that they were not covering the whole resource field. They were limited to six major topics [Genetics, Weather Modification, Mineral Exploration, Chemical Technology, Nuclear Energy, and Space Exploration]. On the whole their selections were very good. This authoritative, well-written book should prove very popular.' Martin R. Huberty, University of California, Los Angeles