1st Edition

Science Askew A Light-hearted Look at the Scientific World

By Donald E Simanek, John. Holden Copyright 2001

    Copiously illustrated throughout with many fine drawings by John C. Holden, Science Askew: A Light-Hearted Look at the Scientific World is a refreshing antidote to the daily grind. From continental drip to the life of Konrad Finagle via the murky depths of Loch Ness, we are treated to an off-kilter trip through the scientific world. This pocket-sized goldmine can be produced whenever a spare minute or two presents itself, when the reader feels in need of a chuckle, or when just plain old-fashioned enlightenment is required.

    1. The March of Science 2. Scientists have Principles 3. Physics 4. The Ideal Scientific Equipment Company 5. Cartoons 6. Geology 7. Perpetual Motion 8. Biology 9. Environmental Sciences 10. Mind Sciences 11. History of Science as it Wasn’t 12. Pseudoscience 13. The Emperor’s New Clothes 14. Mathematics 15. Statistics is a Chancy Business 16. Sam Schwartz 17. Engineering 18. Computer Science 19. Cutting-Edge Science 20. Research 21. Limericks


    Simanek, Donald E; Holden, John.

    "If harmless humour … makes you laugh, then you'll love this book by retired scientists Donald Simanek and John Holden. Their collection of nursery rhymes turned into turgid scientific prose is found amidst an array of puns, stories, jokes, and quotes that the authors have brought together after a lifetime in science to show that it is not always a serious business."
    -Matin Durrani, Physics World

    "Science Askew is a very funny book, especially to mathematicians and physicists. Open it anywhere and you'll find some belly laughs not only in the text but also in the clever cartoons by John Holden. All of the classic jokes are here, as well as a thousand more you haven't heard before."
    -Martin Gardner, mathemagician

    "Simanek and Holden have cleverly disguised this book as an anthology of humor, while inserting gems of scientific wisdom and philosophy among the jibes. I think that science teachers can discover here subtle ways of teaching facts and principles, and improving the flavour and aroma of otherwise dull rules and discoveries. Knowledge, however lubricated or polished, is a commodity we should pursue. It need not be boring; proof of that assertion is found in Science Askew."
    -James Randi, investigator of paranormal claims

    "Every page is a delightful spoof. I expect to refer to it frequently."
    -James A. Van Allen, space physicist