1st Edition

Science Dictionary for Kids The Essential Guide to Science Terms, Concepts, and Strategies

By Laurie E. Westphal Copyright 2009
    144 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Science Dictionary for Kids provides hundreds of science terms with kid-friendly definitions and illustrations, perfect for any teacher of science or parent helping a child with science homework. From the basic science equipment, to the physical sciences, to the Earth sciences, kids can flip to one of eight science categories to find the definitions they need.

    The perfect reference for kids and their parents and teachers, the easy-to-follow definitions in this guide will help with any science assignment, project, or experiment. Most definitions include an illustrated version to increase comprehension.

    The book also includes a handy reference section, complete with:

    • commonly used formulas,
    • measurement conversions,
    • charts detailing household chemicals and acids and bases,
    • instructions for using science equipment safely,
    • tips on following the scientific process, and
    • information on graphing results and data.
    This book needs to be on every child's desk!

    Grades 4-9

    Contents Introduction Scientific Equipment The Scientific Process Measurements and Units Life Sciences Physical Sciences Earth Sciences Space Sciences Quick Reference Guide References Index About the Author


    After teaching science for more than 15 years, both overseas and in the U.S., Laurie E. Westphal now works as an independent gifted education and science consultant. She enjoys developing and presenting staff development on differentiation for various districts and conferences, working with teachers to assist them in planning and developing lessons to meet the needs of their advanced students.

    The Science Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide To Science Terms, Concepts, and Strategies is a 144 -page paperback resource that has been titled the #1 Science Homework Helper for students in grades 4-9. It contains standard science definitions with illustrations and a handy reference section complete with tables, charts, and formulas in common use. A variety of data charts and formulas are presented in clear and easily understandable formats. From weather maps and symbols to elemental tables and genetics studies with Punnett squares, the Science Dictionary for Kids has a wealth of information easily available to students with pressing science homework assignments. There is even a part to explain how to use lab equipment and how to graph research data, as well as a complete explanation of the scientific method. Parents, teachers, and students will welcome this practical accessible resource for budding scientists.,James A Cox,Midwest Book Review, 8/21/09
    Named to the A-List, Today's Books Daily Book Register,Today's Books, 8/26/09