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On Beyond Uranium Journey to the End of the Periodic Table

On Beyond Uranium: Journey to the End of the Periodic Table

1st Edition

By Sigurd Hofmann
December 26, 2002

In the early nineteenth century chemists knew of the existence of ninety-two chemical elements, from Hydrogen to Uranium. For nearly forty years scientists thought they knew the content of our planet and all of its contents. In the late 1930s the world of chemical science began to discover elements...

The Subtle Beast Snakes, From Myth to Medicine

The Subtle Beast: Snakes, From Myth to Medicine

1st Edition

By Andre Menez
May 01, 2003

The Subtle Beast: Snakes, from Myth to Medicine introduces you to the complex and absorbing world of these mysterious creatures. Each of the fourteen chapters in this volume can be read independently, but read together they trace a fascinating journey from the macroscopic features of snakes to the ...

A Terrible Beauty is Born Clones, Genes and the Future of Mankind

A Terrible Beauty is Born: Clones, Genes and the Future of Mankind

1st Edition

By Brendan Curran
February 20, 2003

Genetics and its related technologies are revolutionizing the world. The media is regularly dominated by controversy over the latest genetically modified (GM) food, human gene therapy or cancer chip technology. Maverick scientists are in the process of cloning humans, and the human genome sequence ...

Weather Rage

Weather Rage

1st Edition

By Ross Reynolds
February 13, 2003

Some atmospheric disturbances produce the kind of extreme weather events making the national and international new headlines on a regular basis. Just about everyone is interested in knowing more about hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes. There is often confusion about whether or not they are the ...

Key to The Future The History of Earth Science

Key to The Future: The History of Earth Science

1st Edition

Edited By John Cater
May 02, 2002

Here is a book for everyone who has an interest in how our planet works, what has happened during its 4,550 million year history and what might happen in the future. It tells how Earth scientists study the pattern of events that have shaped the planet and guided the evolution of life on Earth. In ...

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