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Science and Philosophy (Routledge Revivals)
And Other Essays

ISBN 9780415627894
Published December 15, 2013 by Routledge
450 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1927, Science and Philosophy: And Other Essays is a collection of individual papers written by Bernard Bosanquet during his highly industrious philosophical life. The collection was put together by Bosanquet’s wife after the death of the writer and remains mostly unaltered with just a few papers added and the order of entries improved. The papers here displayed consist of various contributions Bosanquet made to Mind, the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, the International Journal of Ethics and other periodicals, as well as work from volumes of lectures and essays under his own or other editorship.

Throughout the collection, Bosanquet considers the relationship between science and philosophy. The two subject areas became increasingly intertwined during Bosanquet’s lifetime as scientific writers grew more interested in the philosophical investigation of the concepts which underlined their work and philosophical thinkers recognised the importance of the relationship between mathematics and logic as well as that between physics and metaphysics. The first essay in this volume discusses this idea explicitly and all subsequent articles may be regarded as essays in support of the main discussion with which the volume opens.

Table of Contents

1. Preface Part I Logic and Metaphysics  2. Science and Philosophy  3. The Philosophical Importance of a True Theory of Identity  4. On the Philosophical Distinction Between "Knowledge" and "Opinion"  5. On a Defect in the Customary Logical Formulation of Inductive Reasoning  6. Contradiction and Reality  7. Life and Finite Individuality  8. Time and the Absolute  9. The Permanent Meaning of the Argument from Design Part II Ethical, Social, and Political  10. The Practical Value of Moral Philosophy  11. Recent Criticism of Green’s Ethics  12. Hedonism among Idealists  13. The Prediction of Human Conduct  14. The Relation of Sociology to Philosophy  15. Social Automatism and the Imitation Theory  16. The Reality of the General Will  17. The Duties of Citizenship  18. "Ladies and Gentlemen"  19. Some Reflections on the Idea of Decadence  20. On the True Conception of Another World  21. The Kingdom of God on Earth  22. The Place of Leisure in Life Part III Aesthetics  23. The Part Played by Aesthetic in the Development of Modern Philosophy  24. On the Nature of Aesthetic Emotion  25. Croce’s Aesthetics  26. Index of Persons  27. Index of Subjects

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