1st Edition

Science and Public Policy A Philosophical Introduction

By Ashley Graham Kennedy Copyright 2024
    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    Science and Public Policy: A Philosophical Introduction argues that in order to effectively apply science in any relevant or meaningful way, we must first understand what science is, how it works, and what its limitations are. The first half of the book thus discusses the domain of science, the concept of scientific evidence, and the interpretation of scientific data. The second half then moves through a detailed discussion of science communication in the public sphere, the concept, use and limitations of scientific expertise, and finally, the ways in which we can effectively apply science to public policies in the context of a democratic society. Along the way, the book uses detailed scientific examples to explore the relationship between science and uncertainty with the aim of showing that, in the end, public debates over science are rarely over the science itself, but instead over what public policies will follow from the science.

    Key Features

    • Explains what science is, as well as what it can and cannot do in the context of public policy. Offers separate chapters dedicated to:
      • Scientific Methodology
      • Scientific Evidence
      • Interpreting the Science
      • Communicating the Science
      • Scientific Expertise
      • Science-Informed Public Policies
    • Includes Introductions and Summaries in each chapter to help guide the reader throughout the book

    1. Scientific methodology
    2. Scientific evidence
    3. Interpreting the science
    4. Communicating the science
    5. Scientific expertise
    6. Science-informed public policies


    Ashley Graham Kennedy is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Honors College of Florida Atlantic University. Her research focuses on applied issues in medicine, science, and global justice. She is the author of Diagnosis (2021).