4th Edition

Science and Soccer Developing Elite Performers

Edited By A. Mark Williams, Paul Ford, Barry Drust Copyright 2023
    440 Pages 116 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    440 Pages 116 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in a fully revised and updated fourth edition, Science and Soccer is still the most comprehensive and accessible introduction to the physiology, biomechanics and psychology behind the world's most popular sport. Offering important guidance on how science translates into practice, the book examines every key facet of the sport, with a particular focus on the development of expert performers. The topics covered include:

    • anatomy, physiology, psychology; sociology and biomechanics
    • principles of training
    • nutrition
    • physical and mental preparation
    • playing surfaces and equipment; injury
    • decision-making and skill acquisition
    • coaching and coach education
    • performance analysis
    • talent identification and youth development

    Science and Soccer: Developing Elite Performers is a unique resource for students and academics working in sports science. It is essential reading for all professional support staff working in the game, including coaches at all levels, physiotherapists, conditioning specialists, performance analysts, club doctors and sport psychologists.

    1. Physical Preparation

    Tony Strudwick

    2. Resistance Training

    Conall Murtagh. David Rydings and Barry Drust

    3. Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

    Liam Anderson and Barry Drust

    4. Soccer in the Heat: Performance and Mitigation

    Caroline Sunderland, Stacey Cowe, and Rachel Malcolm

    5. Nutrition for Match Play and Training

    James P. Morton, Liam Anderson, Hannah Sheridan, and Graeme L. Close

    6. Recovery Strategies

    Warren Gregson, Gregory Dupont, Abd-Elbasset Abaidia, and Robin Thorpe

    7. Psychological Characteristics of Players

    Geir Jordet. and Tynke Toering

    8. Anticipation and Decision-Making

    A. Mark Williams, Joseph L. Thomas, Geir Jordet, and Paul R. Ford

    9. Skill Acquisition: Player Pathways and Effective Practice

    Paul R. Ford and A. Mark Williams

    10. Sociological Influences on the Identification and Development of Players

    Matthew J. Reeves and Simon J. Roberts

    11. Player Wellbeing and Career Transitions

    Carolina Lundqvist and David P. Schary

    12. Developing (Adaptive) Coaching Expertise

    Christopher J. Cushion and Anna Stodter

    13. Injury Epidemiology, Monitoring, and Prevention

    Ian Beasley

    14. Infectious Diseases

    Monica Duarte Muñoz and Tim Meyer

    15. Biomechanical Assessments

    Mark A. Robinson, Katherine A.J. Daniels, and Jos Vanrenterghem

    16. Analysis of Physical Performance in Match-Play

    Christopher Carling and Naomi Datson

    17. Technical and Tactical Match Analysis

    Allistair P. McRobert, Javier Fernández-Navarro, and Laura Seth

    18. Monitoring Training

    Barry Drust and Laura Bowen

    19. Utilising Training and Match Load Data

    Patrick Ward and Barry Drust

    20. Growth and Maturation

    Sean P. Cumming, Megan Hill, David Johnson, James Parr, Jan Willem Teunnisen, Robert M Malina

    21. Talented or Developmentally Advanced? Player Assessment and Evaluation

    Stephen Cobley, Chris Towlson, Shaun Abbott, Michael Romann, and Ric Lovell

    22. Talent Identification and Talent Promotion

    Arne Güllich and Paul Larkin

    23. Modern Approaches to Scouting and Recruitment

    David Piggott and Bob Muir

    24. Working as a Director of Sports Science or High-Performance Director

    Tony Strudwick

    25. Working as a Sporting Director

    Daniel Parnell, Rebecca Caplehorn, Kevin Thelwell, Tony Asghar and Mark Batey


    A. Mark Williams is Professor and Senior Research Scientist at The Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) in Florida, USA.

    Paul R. Ford, PhD is Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Applied Sciences at St Mary’s University, UK.

    Barry Drust, PhD is an Applied Exercise Physiologist and an Industrial Professorial Fellow in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham, UK.