1st Edition

Science and Technology of Integrated Ferroelectrics Selected Papers from Eleven Years of the Proceedings of the International Symposium of Integrated Ferroelectronics

    The aim of this book is to present in one volume some of the most significant developments that have taken place in the field of integrated ferroelectrics during the last decade of the twentieth century. The book begins with a comprehensive introduction to integrated ferroelectrics and follows with fifty-three papers selected by Carlos Paz de Araujo, Orlando Auciello, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and George W. Taylor. These fifty-three papers were selected from more than one thousand papers published over the last eleven years in the proceedings of the International Symposia on Integrated Ferroelectrics (ISIF). These papers were chosen on the basis that they (a) give a broad view of the advances that have been made and (b) indicate the future direction of research and technological development. Readers who wish for a more in-depth treatment of the subject are encouraged to refer to volumes 1 to 27 of Integrated Ferroelectrics, the main publication vehicle for papers in this field.

    1. Processing and Parameters of Sol-Gel PZT Thin-Films for GaAs Memory Applications 2. Pulsed Laser Deposition of Oriented PbZr.^O54Ti.^O46O^O3 3. Processing-Structure Relations for Ferroelectric Thin Films Deposited by Ion Beam Sputter Deposition 4. Recent Results on Switching, Fatigue and Electrical Characterization of Sol-Gel Based PZT Capacitors 5. Microscopic Modeling of Thin-Film Ferroelectrics: Fatigue 6. A Circuit Model for a Thin Film Ferroelectric Memory Device 7. Radiation Damage in Ferroelectric Thin-Film Memories 8. Integrated Ferroelectrics 9. Ferroelectric PbZr^O0.2Ti^O0.8O^O3 Thin Films on Expitaxial Y-Ba-Cu-0 10. Statistical Theory of Fatigue in Ferroelectric Devices 11. Sol-Gel Derived Ferroelectric THin Films in Silicon Micromachining 12. Theory of Conduction and Breakdown in Perovskite THin Films 13. Numerical Analysis of Ferroelctric Characteristics for Memory Use by Using a Lattice Model 14. Anomalous Remanent Polarization in Ferroelectric Capacitors 15. Chemical Aspects of Pb-Zr-Ti Oxide Thin Film Syntheses by PE-MOCVD below 500^ToC 16. Expitaxial La^O0.5Sr^O0.5CoO^O3 Electrode Films for Ferroelctric Device Applications 17. Conducting Oxide Electrodes for Ferroelectric Films 18. Deposition of Ba^O1-xSr^OxTiO3 via Liquid Source CVD (LSCVD) for ULSi DRAMs 19. A Theory of Polarization Reversals in Finite Systems 20. Electrochemical Models of Failure in Oxide Perovskites 21. Defect Chemistry and Transport Properties of Pb)Zr^O1/2Ti^O1/2)O^O3 22. Large-Area Growth of Pb (Zr, Ti)O^O3 Thin Films by MOCVD 23. Plasma Etching of PLZT: Review and Future Prospects 24. Ferroelectric La-Sr-Co-O/Pb-LA-Zr-Ti-O?La-Sr-Co-O Heterostructures on Silicon 25. Fatigue and Retention of Pb(Zr^O0.53Ti^O0.47)O^O3 Thin Film Capacitors with Pt and RuO^O2 Electrodes 26. 256Kb Ferroelectric Nonvolatile Memory Technology for 1T/1C Cell with 100ns Read/Write Time at 3V 27. Study on Ferroelectric Thin Films for Application to NDRO Non-Volatile Memories 28. Integrated Ferroelectric Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 29. Ferroelectric Phase Shifters and Their Performance in Microwave phased Array Antennas 29. Materials Interactions in the Integration of PZT Ferroelectric Capacitors 30. Electrical Properties of Pb (Zr^O0.53Ti^O0.47)O Thin Film Capacitors with Modified RuO^O2 Bottom Electrodes 31. Fabrication and Testing of Micron-Size (Pb, La)(Zr, Ti)O^O3 Thin Film Capicitors 32. Manufacturing of Perovskite Thin Films Using Liquid Delivery MOCVD 33. AGbit-Scale DRAM Stacked Capacitor with ECR MOCVD SrTiO^O3 Over RIE Patterned RuO^O2/TiN Storage Nodes 34. New Low Temperature Processing of Sol-Gel SrBi^O2Ta^O2O^O9 Thin Films 35. Conformal LSMCD Deposition of SrBi^O2(Ta^O1-xNb^Ox)O^O9 36. Relationships Among Ferroelectric Fatigue, Electronic Charge Trapping, Defect-Dipoles, and Oxygen Vacancies in Perovskite Oxides 37. The Bandgap of SrBi^O2Ta^O2O^O9 38. MOCVD of Advanced Dielectric and Ferroelectric Films by Liquid Delivery 39. Scaling Possibility of PZT Capacitors for High Density and Low-Voltage NVFRAM Application 40. Ferroelectricity of Heteroepitaxial Ba^O0.6Sr^O0.4TiO^O3 Ultrathin Films 41. A 11x6 Element Pyroelectric Detector Array Utilizing Self-Polarized PZT Thin Films Grown by Sputtering 42. Technology Challenges and Solutions for 1 Gbit and Beyond 43. Electrical Characterization of Ferroelectric, Paraelectric, and Superparaelectric Thin Films 44. Ferroelctric Embedded Devices 45. Graded Ferroelectrics: A New Class of Steady-State Thermal/Electrical/Mechanical/Energy Interchange Devices 46. Correlation Between Material Properties of Ferroelectric Thin Films and Design Parameters for Microwave Devices Applications: Modeling Examples and Experimental Verification 47. Electrical Measurements of the High Speed Switching Characteristics of Micron-Scale Discrete Ferroelectric Capacitors 48. Conducting Diffusion Barriers for Integration of Ferroelectric Capacitors on Si 49. Expitaxial BaTiO^O3 Films on Silicon for MFSFET Applications 50. Voltage Scaling of Ferroelectric Thin Films Deposited by CVD 51. Studies of Ferroelectric Heterostructure Thin Films, Interfaces, and Device-Related Processes via In Situ Analytical Techniques 52. Review of SrBi^O2Ta^O2O^O9 Thin Films Capacitor Processing 53. Integration Technology for Ferroelectric Memory


    Carlos Pazde-Araujo, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, George W Taylor