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Science and the Arts since 1750

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This series of monographs and edited volumes explores the arts – painting and sculpture, drama, dance, architecture, design, photography, popular culture materials – as they intersect with emergent scientific theories, agendas, and technologies, from any geographical area from 1750 to now. It welcomes studies on the aesthetic conditioning of scientists as well as those that explore the influence of technologies, medicine, and science on visual culture either in a specific cultural or social context or through webs of influence that cross national, political, or imperial boundaries. Projects additionally might address philosophies of mind, brain, and body that changed the way visuality and aesthetic theory were understood or how new theories can be used to reinterpret the past.

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Painting, Science, and the Perception of Coloured Shadows ‘The Most Beautiful Blue’

Painting, Science, and the Perception of Coloured Shadows: ‘The Most Beautiful Blue’

1st Edition

By Paul Smith
May 27, 2024

Many artists and scientists – including Buffon, Goethe, and Philipp Otto Runge – who observed the vividly coloured shadows that appear outdoors around dawn and dusk, or indoors when a candle burns under waning daylight, chose to describe their colours as ‘beautiful’. Paul Smith explains what makes...

Visual Culture and Pandemic Disease Since 1750 Capturing Contagion

Visual Culture and Pandemic Disease Since 1750: Capturing Contagion

1st Edition

Edited By Marsha Morton, Ann-Marie Akehurst
July 06, 2023

Through case studies, this book investigates the pictorial imaging of epidemics globally, especially from the late eighteenth century through the 1920s when, amidst expanding Western industrialism, colonialism, and scientific research, the world endured a succession of pandemics in tandem with the ...

Vitalist Modernism Art, Science, Energy and Creative Evolution

Vitalist Modernism: Art, Science, Energy and Creative Evolution

1st Edition

Edited By Fae Brauer
February 28, 2023

This book reveals how, when, where, and why vitalism and its relationship to new scientific theories, philosophies and concepts of energy became seminal from the fin de siècle until the Second World War for such Modernists as Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Hugo Ball, Juliette Bisson, Eva Carrière, Salvador ...

Art, Technology and Nature Renaissance to Postmodernity

Art, Technology and Nature: Renaissance to Postmodernity

1st Edition

Edited By Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam, Jacob Wamberg
October 24, 2019

Since 1900, the connections between art and technology with nature have become increasingly inextricable. Through a selection of innovative readings by international scholars, this book presents the first investigation of the intersections between art, technology and nature in post-medieval times....

Science, Technology, and Utopias Women Artists and Cold War America

Science, Technology, and Utopias: Women Artists and Cold War America

1st Edition

By Christine Filippone
May 23, 2019

The rise of proxy wars, the Space Race, and cybernetics during the Cold War marked science and technology as vital sites of social and political power. Women artists, historically excluded from these domains, responded critically, while simultaneously redeploying the products of "Technological ...

Visualizing the Body in Art, Anatomy, and Medicine since 1800 Models and Modeling

Visualizing the Body in Art, Anatomy, and Medicine since 1800: Models and Modeling

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Graciano
January 30, 2019

This book expands the art historical perspective on art’s connection to anatomy and medicine, bringing together in one text several case studies from various methodological perspectives. The contributors focus on the common visual and bodily nature of (figural) art, anatomy, and medicine around the...

The Organic School of the Russian Avant-Garde Nature's Creative Principles

The Organic School of the Russian Avant-Garde: Nature's Creative Principles

1st Edition

By Isabel Wünsche
April 25, 2018

The artists of the Organic School of the Russian avant-garde found inspiration as well as a model for artistic growth in the creative principles of nature. Isabel Wünsche analyzes the artistic influences, intellectual foundations, and scientific publications that shaped the formation of these ...

Photography, Natural History and the Nineteenth-Century Museum Exchanging Views of Empire

Photography, Natural History and the Nineteenth-Century Museum: Exchanging Views of Empire

1st Edition

By Kathleen Davidson
March 28, 2017

The Victorian era heralded an age of transformation in which momentous changes in the field of natural history coincided with the rise of new visual technologies. Concurrently, different parts of the British Empire began to more actively claim their right to being acknowledged as indispensable ...

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