2nd Edition

Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents

Edited By Jan Seaman Kelly, Brian S. Lindblom Copyright 2006
    488 Pages 185 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Considered the forensic document examiner's bible, Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents is an authoritative and comprehensive reference that focuses on the pertinent advancements made within the field. This newest edition presents the qualifications necessary for a well-trained examiner and details the most up-to-date methodologies used in the field. An essential guide for the novice and the seasoned professional, it is also an informative reference for the layperson who is interested in the subject.

    Featuring chapters written by several forensic document examination experts, this new edition is extensively revised to reflect post-1982 developments. Since that time, new avenues of written communication have emerged, as well as the proliferation of desktop computers and printers. Both of these factors have strongly impacted the nature of the examinations performed and the methodologies used. The book thoroughly explores the complexities involved in keeping current with these developments and does so, in some instances, aided by the presentation of a variety of documents and case studies.

    Discussion topics include infra-red exams, the use of computer hardware and software in document examination, and innovative chart making techniques. New chapters cover computer printer technologies, facsimiles, techniques for the detection of digitally manipulated documents and photocopies, ASTM standards for reporting conclusions along with advanced examination techniques. Updated chapters include expanded discussion of ESDA and other analytical tools, document dating, modern stamp making technology, and more.

    Organization and Content of Book, Brian S. Lindblom and Jan Seaman Kelly
    What Is Forensic Document Examination? Brian S. Lindblom
    A Forensic Document Examiner's Training, Brian S. Lindblom

    The Document Case
    Care and Handling of Documents, Jan Seaman Kelly
    Work Notes, Jan Seaman Kelly

    Science, Handwriting Examination, and the Courts
    The Daubert Era, Kirsten Jackson
    Conclusions and Guidelines for Handwriting Comparison, Carl McClary

    Handwriting Examination and Comparison
    Identification of Handwriting, Dan C. Purdy
    Identification of Signatures, Howard C. Rile, Jr.
    Identification of Hand Printing and Numerals,
    Jan Seaman Kelly
    Disguise in Hand Printing and Numerals,
    Jan Seaman Kelly
    Preparation and Collection of Signatures and
    Handwriting Standards, Brian S. Lindblom

    Mechanical and Electronic Impression Examinations and Comparisons
    Pens and Pencils, Brian S. Lindblom
    Typography, Bill Flynn
    Typewriters, Mary W. Kelly
    The Examination of Computer-Generated Documents
    Appendix, Bill Flynn
    Photocopiers, Bonnie L. Beal and Susan E. Morton
    Facsimile Machines, Brian S. Lindblom
    Manipulated Photocopies, Faxes, and Computer-Printed Documents, Brian S. Lindblom and Robert Gervais
    Rubber Stamps, Jan Seaman Kelly
    Check Writers, Tom Vastrick
    Staples, Tom Vastrick

    Conventional Printing and Paper Examinations
    Printing Processes, Susan L. Fortunato
    Paper Examinations, Susan L. Fortunato
    Carbonless Paper, Tom Vastrick

    Indented Writing Impressions
    Accidental Markings and Indented Writing on
    a Document, Farrell Shiver

    Altered Documents
    Alterations in Documents, Susan E. Morton and Bonnie L. Beal

    The Age of a Document
    Multifaceted Approach, Brian S. Lindblom
    The Role of Indentation Analysis, Offsetting, and Transfer, Brian S. Lindblom
    Dating by Materials: Identification, Comparison, and Examination of Changes, Brian S. Lindblom

    Digital Photography and Enhancement
    Cameras, Scanners, and Image Enhancement, Frank Hicks, Brian S. Lindblom, and Robert Gervais

    ASTM Guidelines for Forensic Document Examination
    Conclusions and Guidelines, Carl McClary

    Preparing for Court Testimony
    Consideration in Preparing for Court, Frank Hicks
    Demonstrative Charts, Frank Hicks, Brian S. Lindblom, and Robert Gervais
    Pretrial Conference, Frank Hicks
    Preparation for a Daubert Hearing, Jan Seaman Kelly and Kirsten Jackson
    Unqualified and Pseudoexpert Witnesses, Jan Seaman Kelly
    The Document Examiner's Testimony in Court, Jan Seaman Kelly




    Michael S. Bisesi, Jan Seaman Kelly, Brian S. Lindblom

    ". . . considered the forensic document examiner’s bible . . . an authoritative and comprehensive reference . . . An essential guide for the novice and the seasoned professional, it is also an informative reference for the layperson interested in the subject."

    – In Crime & Justice International, May/June 2007