1st Edition

Scientific Principles for Physical Geographers

By Ian Bradbury, John Boyle, Andy Morse Copyright 2002
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    Science for Geography and Environment introduces students (and academics who need to brush up their knowledge!) to scientific principles in a lively and accessible way, allowing them to proceed through the text at their own pace. The book is structured thematically with a logical development of key topics, all linked by a comprehensive cross-referencing system. Concepts and principles will be grounded in everyday experience and exemplified by reference to geographical/environmental processes. The authors are also testing each stage of the text on their own students, thereby ensuring that student needs are given top priority in the book's development.
     Lively and relevant introduction to those scientific principles necessary to understand key processes occuring within the natural environment.

    1. Introduction
    2. Using Numbers - Integers
    3. Fractions
    4. Decimals
    5. Ratios
    6. Powers
    7. Logarithms
    8. Functions
    9. Graphs
    10. Mathematical Formulae
    11. Nature of Matter - Solids
    12. Liquids
    13. Gases
    14. Temperatre and Pressure Effects
    15. Chemical Elements
    16. Elements in the Earth's Crust
    17. Elements of Biological Importance
    18. Atomic Structure
    19. Isotopes and Radioactivity
    20. Periodic Table
    21. Molecules
    22. Compounds
    23. Chemical Reactions
    24. Chemical Formulae
    25. Chemical Bonds
    26. Ions and Ionic Compunds
    27 Ion Exchange
    28. Minerlas
    29. Crystals
    30. Biochemicals
    31. pH. Buffer Capacity
    32. Acids and Bases
    33. Oxidation and Reduction
    34. Energy - Types of Energy
    35. Energy Transformations
    36. Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
    37. First Two Laws of Thermo Dynamics
    38. The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    39. Nature of Light
    40. Waves and Photons
    41. Magnetism


    Ian Bradbury