1st Edition

Scientific Programmer's Toolkit Turbo Pascal Edition

By M.H Beilby, R.D Harding, M.R Manning Copyright 1991

    The Scientific Programmer's Toolkit: Turbo Pascal Edition presents a complete software environment for anyone writing programs in mathematical, engineering, or science areas. This toolkit package is designed for use with Turbo Pascal, the de facto standard Pascal system for PC and compatible machines.

    The book and its software provides an integrated software library of programming tools. The programs and routines fall into three categories: graphical, mathematical, and utilities. Routines are further subdivided into three levels that reflect the experience of the user. For graphics and text handling routines there is also a Level 0, which provides an interface to the machine operating system. By using hierarchically structured routines, the clearly written text, and a wide range of example programs, software users can construct a user-friendly interface with minimal effort. The levels structure makes it easy for newcomers to use the Toolkit, and with growing experience, users can achieve more elaborate effects.

    The Scientific Programmer's Toolkit will be useful to consultants, researchers, and students in any quantitative profession or science, in private or public sector research establishments, or in secondary and higher education.

    Guide to installing the software
    Guide to running the software
    Introducing the toolkit
    Level 3 programs
    Graphics routines
    Mathematical routines I
    Mathematical routines II
    Windows and menus
    Graphics routines
    Screen and text utilities
    Formatting values and evaluating expressions


    Dr M H Beilby is a Lecturer and Director of the Centre for Computer-based Learning at the University of Birmingham. He introduced computational mathematics courses to Birmingham and is a founder member of the CIText Group. Dr R D Harding is the Assistant Director of Research in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge. He has been running the CATAM project since 1971 and is a founder member and chairman of the CIText group. Dr Harding is also the Series Editor of the Adam Hilger Computer Illustrated Text Series. Dr M R Manning has been a Computer Officer at DAMTP since 1984. He is an assessor for the CATAM course and is also a founder member of the CIText Group.

    "Anyone with a good working knowledge of Pascal will find here a wealth of programs and units which would enable them to write highly sophisticated routines for a very wide range of scientific application … well written with a very wide range of examples throughout."
    -LMS Newsletter