Scientific and Technical Information Resources  book cover
1st Edition

Scientific and Technical Information Resources

ISBN 9781003066460
Published July 24, 2020 by CRC Press
432 Pages

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Book Description

This book focuses on current practices in scientific and technical communication, historical aspects, and characteristics and biblio­graphic control of various forms of scientific and technical literature. It integrates the inventory approach for scientific and technical communication.

Table of Contents

1/ Scientific and Technical Communication
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Characteristics of Scientific Literature
1.3 The Structure of Scientific Literature
1.4 Scientific vs. Technical Literature
1.5 Nonformal Communication
1.6 Information Exchange Groups
1.7 Use of Scientific Literature
1.8 References
2/ Scientific Societies
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The Royal Society
2.3 Scientific Societies in the United States
2.4 Publications of Scientific Societies
3/ The Primary Journal
3.1 Historical Overview
3.2 Functions of the Primary Journal
3.3 Problems of the Primary Journal
3.4 Current Trends in Journal Publishing
3.5 Alternatives to the Scientific Journal
3.6 The Future of the Scientific Journal
3.7 Bibliographic Control of Journals
4/ Conference Literature
4.1 Scientific Conferences
4.2 Preconference Literature
4.3 Literature Generated During the Conference
4.4 Postconference Literature
4.5 Bibliographic Control of Conference Literature
4.6 UNESCO-FID Recommendations
5/ Dissertations, Theses, and Research in Progress
5.1 Dissertations
5.2 Mater’s Theses
5.3 Foreign Dissertations and Theses
5.4 Bibliographic Control of Dissertations and Theses
5.5 Research in Progress: SSIE
6/ Patents
6.1 Introduction
6.2 The United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)
6.3 Foreign Patents
6.4 Patents as a Source of Technological Information
6.5 Bibliographic Control of Patents
Publications of the Patent and Trademark Office
List of Patent Depositories in the United States
7/ Technical Reports
7.1 Introduction
7.2 History of Report Literature
7.3 Characteristics of Technical Reports
7.4 Security Classification
7.5 Technical Report Numbers
7.6 Bibliographic Control of Technical Reports
8/ Standards and Specifications
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Specifications
8.3 Types of Standards and Specifications
8.4 Sources of Standards and Specifications
9/ House Journals
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Internal House Journals
9.3 External House Journals
9.4 Bibliographic Control of House Journals
10/ Trade Catalogs
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Characteristics and Types of Trade Catalogs
10.3 Acquisition and Control of trade Catalogs
11/ Biographical Literature
11.1 Introduction
11.2 General Biographical Works
11.3 Specialized Biographical Works
11.4 Biographical Serials
11.5 Collective Biographies
11.6 Biographical Monographs and Autobiographies
11.7 Other Sources of Biographical Information
11.8 Bibliographic Control of Biographical Literature
Selected List of Biographical Works
12/ Dictionaries and Thesauri
12.1 Dictionaries
12.2 Thesauri
12.3 Bibliographies of Dictionaries
Selected List of Dictionaries
13/ Directories and Yearbooks
13.1 Directories
13.2 Yearbooks
13.3 Bibliographies of Directories
Selected List of Directories
14/ Handbooks and Tables
14.1 Handbooks
14.2 Tables
14.3 National Standard Reference Data System (NSRDS)
Selected List of Handbooks and Tables
15/ Encyclopedias
15.1 Specialized Encyclopedias
15.2 Single-Volume Encyclopedias
15.3 Multivolume Encyclopedias
15.4 Encyclopedic Dictionaries
15.5 Updating Encyclopedias
Selected List of Encyclopedias
16/ Review Literature
16.1 Introduction
16.2 Review Authors and Review Preparation
16.3 Functions of Reviews
16.4 Characteristics of Reviews
16.5 Types and Sources of Reviews
16.6 Bibliographic Control of Reviews
Selected List of Review Serials
17/ Translations
17.1 Introduction
17.2 Translated Journals
17.3 Bibliographic Control of Translations
Indexes of Translations
Selected List of Translated Journals
18/ Bibliographic Control of Scientific and Technical Literature
18.1 Proliferation of Literature
18.2 Bibliographies
18.3 Abstracting Services
18.4 Indexing Services
18.5 Characteristics of Abstracting and Indexing Services
18.6 Guides to Literature
18.7 Information Analysis Centers
18.8 decentralized Bibliographic Control
Selected List of Guides to Literature, Bibliographies, Catalogs, and Abstracting and Indexing Services
19/ Current Trends and Prospects
19.1 Introduction
19.2 Integrated Primary and Secondary Publishing
19.3 Computer-Based Bibliographic Control systems
19.4 Online Access to Scientific and Technical Literature
19.5 Science Information: A Global Concern
Selected List of Bibliographic Databases Available for Online Searching
Appendix: Abbreviations
Author Index
Subject Index

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