1st Edition

Scientifictechnological Change And The Role Of Women In Development

    206 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    This critique by women of male-generated and male-dominated technologies grows out of a consciousness of women as essential, yet unsalaried, participants in production processes. The authors document the ways in which women suffer from technological development in industrialized and developing countries and assess how technological developments perpetuate inequalities between nations, regions, classes, and sexes. They discuss the implementation of modern technology in agriculture and its effects on rural women, look at the position of women in the basic and applied sciences and in science policymaking, and analyze the place of women in selected technology-based industries.

    Also of Interest -- Preface -- Introduction -- Technology, Economic Development, and the Division of Labour by Sex -- Women and Technology in the Industrialized Countries -- Women and Technology in Peripheral Countries: An Overview -- The Impact of Science and Technology and the Role of Women in Science in Mexico -- The Power of Persistence: Consciousness Raising at International Fora-The Case of UNCSTD -- Some Reflections on Women in Science and Technology After UNCSTD -- Appendix A -- Appendix B


    Pamela M. D'Onofrio-Flores, Sheila M. Pfafflin