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Scott-Brown's Essential Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery

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July 1, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
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Book Description

A portable handbook that provides a concise summary of  ENT surgery based on Scott-Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery 8e. Of practical use in clinics, the ward and the operating room, this evidence -based resource provides easy access to information on clinical presentation, investigation, and the medical / surgical management of common and emergency ENT conditions. Of interest to healthcare professionals including ENT surgeons, nurses, speech and language therapists, audiologists, GPs, emergency physicians and members of the multidisciplinary team. Includes extra material in an online resource.

Table of Contents



Section 1 The Ear

Rajeev Mathew and Manohar Bance

1 Anatomy and physiology of hearing
Ananth Vijendren and Peter Valentine
2 Anatomy and physiology of balance
Nishchay Mehta, Andrew Forge and Jonathan Gale
3 Clinical examination of the ear and hearing
George Browning

4 Psychoacoustic and objective assessment of hearing

Jospehine Marriage and Marina Salorio-Corbetto

5 Evaluation of balance
Adolfo Bronstein

6 Vestibular disorders and rehabilitation
Louisa Murdin

7 Conditions of the external ear
Ayeshah Abdul-Hamid and Samuel MacKeith

8 Eustachian tube dysfunction
Matthew Smith and James Tysome

9 Acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion in adults
Robert Nash
10 Chronic otitis media
Mahmood Bhutta
11 Ossiculoplasty and myringoplasty
Charlie Huins and Jeremy Lavy 
12 Otosclerosis
Chris Aldren

13 Bone conduction and middle ear implants
Harry Powell and Irumee Pai
14 Sensorineural hearing loss
Linnea Cheung, David Baguley and Andrew McCombe
15 Tinnitus and hyperacusis
Don McFerran and John Phillips

16 Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder and auditory processing disorder Arun Pajaniappane, Cristina Murphy, Doris-Eva Bamiou
17 Hearing aids and auditory rehabilitation
Harvey Dillon and Lucy Handscomb

18 Cochlear implants and auditory brainstem implants
Rajeev Mathew, Deborah Vickers, Patrick Axon and Manohar Bance

19 Ear trauma
Stephen Toynton
20 Metabolic bone disease and systemic disorders of the temporal bone
Victoria Alexander and Parag Patel 
21 The facial nerve
Chris Skilbeck and Samuel Mackeith

22 Vestibular schwannoma 
Mathieu Trudel  and Simon Lloyd

23 Lesions of the cerebellopontine angle, petrous apex and jugular foramen
Daniele Borsetto and Rupert Obholzer 

24 Temporal bone tumours 
Emily Gauzzo and Neil Donnelly


Section 2 Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery

Pavol Surda

25 Anatomy of the nose and paranasal sinuses
Dustin M. Dalgorf and Richard J. Harvey

26 Physiology of the nose and paranasal sinuses
Shahzada Ahmed and Paresh Naik
27 Nasal airway measurement
Ronald Eccles
28 Outpatient assessment
Martyn L. Barnes and Paul S. White

29 Imaging in rhinology

Phillip Touska and Stephen Connor

30 Abnormalities of smell
Richard L. Doty and Steven M. Bromley

31 Allergic rhinitis
Quentin Gardiner

32 Non-allergic rhinitis
Jameel Muzaffar and Shahzada K. Ahmed

33 Rhinosinusitis
Carl Philpott

34 Nasal polyposis
Saleh Okhovat and Louise Melia
35 Medical management of CRS
Mikkel Alanin, Richard Harvey, Claire Hopkins
36 Surgical management of CRS
A. Simon Carney and Raymond Sacks
37 Complications of rhinosinusitis
Stephen Ball and Sean Carrie

38 Nasal airway surgery: management of septal deformities
Shahram Anari and Ravinder Singh Natt
39 Nasal airway surgery: management of enlarged turbinates
Andrew Swift and Samuel Leong
40 Epistaxis
Gerald McGarry

41 Nasal fractures
Eamon Shamil, Thomas Jacques and Pavol Surda
42 Sinonasal tumours
Alkis J. Psaltis and David K. Morrissey

43 Extended anterior skull base approaches
Carl H. Snyderman, Paul A. Gardner, Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda and Eric W. Wang

44 Granulomatous conditions of the nose
Joanne Rimmer and Valerie Lund
45 Diagnosis and management of facial pain
Caroline P. Smith, Tim Woolford, and Rajiv K. Bhalla
46 Pre-assessment for rhinoplasty
Catherine Rennie and Hesham Saleh

47 Rhinoplasty following nasal trauma
Florian Bast and Charles East

48 External Rhinoplasty
Santdeep H. Paun and Anna D. Slovick

49 Cosmetic facial interventions
Eamon Shamil and Alwyn D’Souza




Section 3 Head and Neck

Jemy Jose

50 Surgical anatomy of the neck
Andrew Harris

51 Aetiology of head and neck cancer
Hannah Nieto
52 Molecular biology and gene therapy
Hannah Nieto
53 Imaging of the neck
Omar Mirza

54 Management of laryngotracheal trauma 

Omar Mirza

55 Pharyngitis
Elizabeth Ross

56 Upper airway obstruction and tracheostomy
Elizabeth Ross

57 Voice disorders and laryngitis
Raguwinder Bindy Sahota

58 Dysphagia and aspiration
Alex Bowen

59 Salivary gland tumours
Omar Mirza
60 Tumours of the parapharyngeal space
Alex Bowen
61 Staging of head and neck cancer
Hannah Nieto
62 Tumours of the larynx
Andrew Harris

63 Hypopharyngeal cancer
Raguwinder Bindy Sahota
64 Oropharyngeal tumours
Elizabeth Ross
65 Nasopharyngeal malignancy
Andrew Harris

66 Nasal and paranasal sinus malignancy
Raguwinder Bindy Sahota
67 Oral cavity pathology
Robert Wotherspoon

68 Management of the unknown primary in head and neck cancer
Omar Mirza

69 Metastatic neck disease
Alex Bowen
70 Prosthetic management of oral and facial defects
Robert Wotherspoon
71 Head and neck reconstruction
Kamal Bisarya

72 Adjuvant treatment - radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Elizabeth Ross

73 Immunotherapy in head and neck cancer
Raguwinder Bindy Sahota

74 Quality of life, survivorship and outcomes and head and neck cancer
Hannah Nieto

75 Temporomandibular joint disorders
Robert Wotherspoon

76 Skin conditions and malignancy
Kamal Bisarya

Section 4 Head and Neck Endocrine Surgery

Omar Hilmi

77 Anatomy and physiology of head and neck endocrine glands Andrew Williamson
78 Thyroid and parathyroid pathology
Kirsty Young

79 Endocrine imaging

Hitesh Tailor

80 Evaluation and investigation of thyroid disease
Theofano Tikka

81 Benign thyroid disease
Neil Patel

82 Management of the differentiated thyroid cancers Kirsten Stewart

83 Management of medullary thyroid cancers
Samuel Chan

84 Management of Anaplastic Thyroid cancer and lymphoma
Catriona Douglas
85 Thyroidectomy
Hiro Ishii
86 Surgery for metastatic and locally advanced thyroid malignancy
Manish George and Neil S Tolley
87 Investigation of hypercalcemia
Jason Ramsingh

88 Management of hyperparathyroidism
James England
89 Parathyroid surgery
Jason Ramsingh
90 Medico legal aspects of thyroid and parathyroid surgery
Chrysostomos Tornari

91 Evaluation and investigation of pituitary disease
Tom Jacques
92 Primary pituitary disease
Andrew Kelly

93 Management of pituitary disease
Warren O. Bennett


Section 5 Paediatric Otolaryngology

Adam Donne

94 Paediatric consultation
Todd Kanzara
95 Paediatric anaesthesia
Rosie Wright
96 Hearing testing
Nimisha Vallabh

97 Management of the hearing impaired child
Maha Khan

98 Otitis media
Rohan Pinto

99 Embryological developmental disorders
Emma Gosnell
100 Imbalance
Jonathan Abbas
101 Nasal obstruction
Tasha Herman

102 Rhinosinusitis
Tasha Herman

103 Adenotonsillar conditions and OSAS
Hussein Walijee

104 Acquired LT stenosis and papillomatosis
Anthony Rotman

105 Stridor
Sara Timms
106 Foreign bodies
Katharine Davies

107 Head and neck tumours in childhood
Jennifer Gilchrist

108 Drooling, aspiration and oesophageal problems
Sarah Dawes

109 Paediatric tracheostomy and paediatric airway management
Anna Harrison

110 Pinnaplasty

Eamon Shamil and Abbad Toma


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R James A England MD FRCS (ORL-HNS) is Consultant Otolaryngologist Head and Neck and Thyroid Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

Eamon Shamil MBBS, MRes, MRCS, DOHNS is Specialist Registrar in ENT - Head and Neck Surgery at St. George’s University Hospital, South London Deanery, UK