1st Edition

Scour and Erosion Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Scour and Erosion, Perth, Australia, 2-4 December 2014

    The 7th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE 2014) was organised by the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering and the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems at the University of Western Australia under the guidance of the Technical Committee 213 for Scour and Erosion of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). This biennial conference draws together leading academics, scientists and engineers engaged in scour and erosion research to present and exchange their latest scientific findings. These proceedings, together with the six previous proceedings dating from 2002, present a rare collection of technical and scientific developments in scour and erosion research which have been established over the last 12 years.
    This book includes state-of-the-art papers in scour and erosion from ICSE 2014, covering the 6 themes of: internal erosion, sediment transport, advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion, terrestrial scour and erosion, river/bridge scour and erosion, and marine scour and erosion. The proceedings include 5 keynote lectures from world leading researches cutting across the themes of scour and erosion, together with 87 peer-reviewed papers from 19 countries. This book is ideal for researchers and industry working at the forefront of scour and erosion, both with application to rivers and marine operations.

    List of reviewers

    Keynote lectures

    An overview of piping models
    G.J.C.M. Hoffmans

    Marine scour: Lessons from Nature’s laboratory
    J.M. Harris & R.J.S. Whitehouse

    Scour and erosion phenomena occurring in waterways – recent advances
    C. Chevalier, C. Pham Van Bang, E. Durand, I. Charles & G. Herrier

    Scour at various hydraulic structures: Sluice gates, submerged bridges, low weir
    B.W. Melville

    A review of recent advances in numerical modelling of local scour problems
    B.M. Sumer

    Internal erosion

    Internal erosion resistance of soils treated with lime: An evolutive benefit
    G. Herrier & S. Bonelli

    3D character of backward erosion piping: Small-scale experiments
    K. Vandenboer, A. Bezuijen & V.M. van Beek

    Experimental findings regarding piping failure of embankments
    T. Tanaka, S. Nagai, H. Doi & T. Hirose

    A case study of piping failure of dams caused by Typhoon No. 15 in 2011 on Awaji Island
    T. Tanaka, S. Kusumi, T. Miki, R. Tachimura & K. Inoue

    Experimental investigation – influence of the shape of the gradation curve on the soil structure
    H. Jentsch, M.R. Saheli Sadaghiani, P.Winkler & K.J.Witt

    Influence of sand type on pipe development in small- and medium-scale experiments
    V.M. van Beek, K. Vandenboer & A. Bezuijen

    Separation of grain size distribution for application of self-filtration criteria in suffusion assessment
    H.D. To & A. Scheuermann

    How a suspended cut-off wall functions: Effect of soil anisotropy in a levee foundation
    D.Y.Wang, X.D. Fu, Y.X. Jie & Q.F. Feng

    Suffusion study of coarse soils treated with lime
    R. Elandaloussi, A. Bennabi & J.C. Dupla

    Effects of internal erosion on undrained responses of soils with different initial fines contents
    M. Ouyang, L. Ke & A. Takahashi

    Using the ICOLD Bulletin to investigate some internal erosion incidents in embankment dams
    R. Bridle

    Physical model tests on suffusion-induced change of spatial distribution of fine fraction in embankments
    K. Horikoshi & A. Takahashi

    Assessment of exit hydraulic gradients at the toe of levees in water drawdown conditions
    N.P. López-Acosta, M.A. Sánchez, G. Auvinet & J.-M. Pereira

    Micromechanical simulation of hydraulic erosion instabilities
    H.M.D. Harshani, S.A. Galindo-Torres & A. Scheuermann

    Assessment of suffusion susceptibility of soils from a British dam
    A. Benamar & A. Bennabi

    Effect of hydraulic load and water chemistry on soil suffusion
    A. Benamar

    Winnowing at circular piers under currents
    B. de Sonneville, R. Joustra & H. Verheij

    Systematic methodology for characterization of suffusion sensibility
    D. Marot, A. Rochim, H.H. Nguyen, F. Bendahmane & L. Sibille

    Characterization of interface erosion sensibility on compacted cohesive soils
    D. Marot, H.H. Nguyen, F. Bendahmane, O. Amiri & S. Bonnet

    Effect of internal erosion on deformation characteristics in the triaxial compression test
    M. Sato & R. Kuwano

    Constrictions and filtration of fine particles in numerical granular filters: Influence of the fabric within the material
    W. Li, E. Vincens, N. Reboul & B. Chareyre

    Development of an experimental research program into backward erosion piping
    R.J. Allan, K. Douglas & W.L. Peirson

    Evaluation of mechanical properties of sand loosened due to piping
    Y. Yang & R. Kuwano

    Sediment transport

    Effect of sediment supply on suction scour under a rock berm
    H. An, L. Cheng, C. Luo, S. Draper, D. White & E. Jas

    Direct numerical simulation of particle saltation in the bed-load regime
    C. Ji, D. Liu, D. Xu & J.J.R.Williams

    River sediment transport monitoring using Time Domain Reflectometry
    C.-C. Chung, C.-P. Lin, K.-C. Chang, J.-L. Ma & C.-S. Huang

    Large-scale dike breaching experiments at Lillo in Belgium
    P. Peeters, G. Zhao, L. De Vos & P.J. Visser

    Advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion

    Results of Jet Erosion Tests numerical modelling
    F. Mercier, S. Bonelli, P. Philippe, P. Pinettes, F. Golay, F. Anselmet & J.J. Fry

    On the numerical modelling of the Hole Erosion Test
    F. Mercier, S. Bonelli, P. Philippe, F. Golay, F. Anselmet, P. Pinettes & J.J. Fry

    Seabed shear stress amplification around subsea pipelines: Part 1, 2D parametric study with currents
    T. Griffiths, F. Zhao, M. Kalkhoven,W. Shen, M. Xu, Z. Zan & J. Leggoe

    Shear stress amplification around subsea pipelines: Part 3, 3D study of spanning pipelines
    W. Shen, T. Griffiths, Z. Zan & J. Leggoe

    Seabed shear stress amplification around subsea pipelines: Part 2, 2D parametric study with waves and combined waves/currents
    T. Griffiths, F. Zhao, M. Kalkhoven,W. Shen, M. Xu, Z. Zan & J. Leggoe

    Granular packing generation using DEM – Modified Force-Biased-Algorithm
    P.Winkler, M.R. Salehi Sadaghiani, H. Jentsch & K.J.Witt

    2D numerical modelling of the HET: Hydrodynamic forces on the pipe wall particles
    J. Sjah, E. Vincens & J.-C. Marongiu

    Analysis of pile scour and associated hydrodynamic forces using proper orthogonal decomposition
    N.G. Jacobsen, G. van Velzen & J. Fredsøe

    Three dimensional numerical simulations of hydrodynamics and morphodynamics on rapidly varied channel
    C.T. Liao, K.C. Yeh, Y.F. Jia & J.J. Liao

    Numerical analysis of seepage-induced erosion of soils by solving the Darcy-Brinkman equations
    K. Fujisawa, K. Sakai & A. Murakami

    Pore-scale study of permeability and tortuosity for flow through particulate media using virtual approach
    M. Chekired & R. Roubtsova

    Numerical modelling of rock scour: Case study ofWivenhoe Dam (Australia)
    E.F.R. Bollaert, C.S. Stratford & E.J. Lesleighter

    Local scour around two pipelines in tandem in steady current
    M. Zhao, S. Vaidya, K. Kaja & J. Thapa

    Large displacements and fluidization of sand due to seepage
    J. Grabe & B. Stefanova

    Breaching of levees: An erosion model that takes into account the soil tensile strength
    Z. Liu, S. Bonelli & F. Mercier

    Accumulative damage and dissipated energy during saltation abrasion of soft rock – a micromechanics perspective
    K.-W. Li, T.Y.-W. Pan, J.-J. Liao & C.-S. Ku

    Terrestrial scour and erosion

    Mechanical properties of a cemented silty soil for prevention of erosion of irrigation facilities in Cambodia
    S. Pheng & Y. Kohgo

    Hydrodynamic erosion in cohesive embankment breach
    G. Zhao, P.J. Visser, P. Peeters & J.K. Vrijling

    River/bridge scour and erosion

    Pressure-flow scour at bridges
    B.W. Melville

    Time variation of scour depth around complex abutment
    R. Mohammadpour, A. Ghani & N.A. Zakaria

    Experimental and numerical study on bed deformation with velocity around T spur dike
    S.A.S. Mousavi, M.R. Pirestani &A.R. Mehrnahad

    3D configuration of backwater upstream of constrictions
    S.A. Salamatian, M. Karimaee & S.S. Kalantari

    Comparisons of time dependent pier scour models under unsteady flow conditions
    J.-H. Hong, Y.-M. Chiew & P.-H. Yeh

    Mutual interference of bridge piers placed in staggered arrangement on local scour
    B. Mubeen

    Effect of sediment concentration on the erosion of weak rocks evaluated by mini jet tests
    M.W. Huang, M.H. Cheng, B.Y. Lin, J.J. Liao &Y.W. Pan

    Temporal variation of scouring topography around dual bridge piers
    M. Selamoglu, A.M. Yanmaz & M. Koken

    Laboratory investigation of the extreme shear stress in the scour holes downstream of dual grade-control structures with a PIV system
    J.Y. Lu, C.L.Wen & S.Y. Lu

    Visualization guided experimental study on closely spaced bridge pier models
    R. Malik, S. Ravish & B. Setia

    Experimental and numerical investigation of scour phenomena at rectangular bridge abutment
    H. Basser, S. Akib, R. Cheraghi, H. Karami, A. Jahangirzadeh, M. Amirmojahedi & S. Naji

    A real scale experimental dike in lime-treated soil: Evaluation of the methodology, mechanical and hydraulic performance
    I. Charles, G. Herrier, C. Chevalier, E. Durand, D. Puiatti, J.-M. Fleureau, S. Taibi, S. Bonelli & J.-J. Fry

    Effect of collar shapes in reduction of local scour around the bridge piers
    A. Jahangirzadeh, S. Akib, H. Basser, K. Kimiaei & H. Karami

    Erosion and sedimentation near the renovated weir lock complex of Asper in Belgium
    K. Verelst,W. Vandenbruwaene, P. Peeters, M. Heredia Gomez & T. De Mulder

    Comparison of scour profiles at different cross-sections around a bridge abutment
    P.Wu & R. Balachandar

    Technical-biological bank protection for navigable waterways on trial
    M. Heibaum & P. Fleischer

    High performance soft armour erosion control – How is this possible?!
    R. Chow

    Put on your hip boots: A practical application of partially grouted riprap at Mud Creek Bridge, City of Chico, California
    M. McIlroy, D. Kitzmann, C. Avila & C. Davis

    Improving public safety by using DamWatch to monitor 11,900 USDA-assisted dams
    L.W. Caldwell, J. Scannell & N. Herbert

    Marine scour and erosion

    Edge scour at scour protections around offshore wind turbine foundations
    T.U. Petersen, B.M. Sumer & J. Fredsøe

    Optimising scour protection stability at offshore foundations
    R.J.S. Whitehouse, A. Brown, S. Audenaert, A. Bolle, P. de Schoesitter, P. Haerens, L. Baelus, P. Troch, L. das Neves, T. Ferradosa & F. Pinto

    Pipeline scour and self-burial on a thin veneer of sand overlying rock due to steady currents
    S. Draper, L. Cheng,W. Sun, H. An, D. White, F. Bransby, A. Borges-Rodriguez & T. Griffiths

    Image-based approach for calculating sediment transport rate and estimating seabed shear stress during scour
    S. Draper, L. Cheng, D. White & S. Leckie

    Experimental and numerical scour investigation of a backfilled trench
    F. Zhao, S. Draper & L. Cheng

    Numerical calculation of backfilling of scour holes
    B.M. Sumer, C. Baykal, D.R. Fuhrman, N.G. Jacobsen & J. Fredsøe

    Erosion of grass covers at transitions and objects on dikes
    G.J.C.M. Hoffmans, A. van Hoven, B. Harderman & H.J. Verheij

    Tsunami overflow-seepage-coupled centrifuge experiment for the mound scour
    S. Sassa, H. Takahashi, Y. Morikawa & D. Takano

    Development of a new small jet erodometer to measure erosion under atmospheric and submerged conditions
    Y.Watabe, S. Sassa & T. Kaneko

    Laboratory investigation of scour development through a spring-neap tidal cycle
    K.E. Porter, R.R. Simons & J.M. Harris

    Experimental study on onset of Vortex-Induced Vibration of a pipeline near a seabed
    Z.P. Zang & F.P. Gao

    Local scour and flow characteristics around a vibrating catenary riser
    Y.M. Chiew, S.C. Hsieh, P.H. Yeh, Y.M. Low & F.Z. Li

    Scour development around the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier-field measurements and model predictions
    G. van Velzen, T.C. Raaijmakers & G.J.C.M. Hoffmans

    Scour prediction in non-uniform soils: Undrained shear strength and erodibility
    J.M. Harris & R.J.S. Whitehouse

    A seventeen year, near-annual, bathymetric time-series of a marine structure (SS Richard Montgomery)
    A.J. Astley, J.K. Dix, C.E. Thompson & F. Sturt

    Numerical modeling of the flow and seabed erosion around a pipeline using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)
    B. Stefanova & J. Grabe

    Numerical investigation of wave-induced local scour around a submarine pipeline
    L. Lu, M.-M. Liu, B. Teng, G.-Q. Tang & M. Zhao

    Scour-inducing flow around gravity anchors astride pipelines in currents
    X. Zhao, L. Cheng & M. Zhao

    Scour protection for subsea structures
    J.E. Godbold & N.L. Sackmann

    River/coastal/marine management

    Implications of flood event layers in coastal sedimentary environments
    R. Azuma, H. Yamazaki, M. Ishida, T. Hiraishi & H. Sekiguchi

    Tidal and intra-tidal sand transport processes across a macrotidal intertidal zone, Broome,Western Australia: Implications for measurements of sand transport associated with coastal developments
    P. Larcombe, P. Huang, G.M. Pusey & M. O’Leary

    An integrated process based coastal erosion hazard model
    C.S. Lauchlan Arrowsmith, T.J.Womersley, G. Race & J. Mawer

    River scour mitigation for the Sakhalin Island oil and gas pipeline installations, Sakhalin Island, Russian Federation
    A.D. MacKay

    Hydrological considerations for the proposed Ukhuu Khudag to Gashuun Sukhait Railway, South Gobi desert, Mongolia
    A.D. MacKay, N.R.Wightman & T. Ishola


    Experimental and numerical study on bed deformation with velocity around T spur dike
    S.A.S. Mousavi, M.R. Pirestani & A.R. Mehrnahad

    Dynamic scour prediction for offshore monopiles – validation against laboratory and field measurements
    T.C. Raaijmakers, G. van Velzen & H.J. Riezebos

    Lifelong embedment and spanning of a pipeline on a mobile seabed
    S.H.F. Leckie, S. Draper, D.J. White & L. Cheng

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    Liang Cheng, Scott Draper, Hongwei An