1st Edition

Scripts, Plans, Goals, and Understanding An Inquiry Into Human Knowledge Structures

By Roger C. Schank, Robert P. Abelson Copyright 1977
    256 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First Published in 1977. In the summer of 1971, there was a workshop in an ill-defined field at the intersection of psychology, artificial intelligence, and linguistics. The fifteen participants were in various ways interested in the representation of large systems of knowledge (or beliefs) based upon an understanding process operating upon information expressed in natural language. This book reflects a convergence of interests at the intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence. What is the nature of knowledge and how is this knowledge used? These questions lie at the core of both psychology and artificial intelligence.

    Contents: Introduction. Causal Chains. Scripts. Plans. Goals. Themes. Representation of Stories. Computer Programs. A Case Study in the Development of Knowledge Structures.


    Roger C Schank Northwestern University, Illinois( Author), Robert P Abelson Yale Univeristy (Author)

    "For both people and machines, each in their own way, there is a serious problem in common of making sense out of what they hear, see, or are told about the world. The conceptual apparatus necessary to perform even a partial feat of understanding is formidable and fascinating. Our analysis of this apparatus is what this book is about."
    Roger C. Schank and Robert P. Abelson
    from the Introduction