1st Edition

Secessionism and Terrorism Bombs, Blood and Independence in Europe and Eurasia

Edited By Glen Duerr Copyright 2019
    206 Pages
    by Routledge

    206 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book examines secessionist terrorism in a comparative context across Europe and Eurasia.

    The volume seeks to uncover comparative linkages between terrorism and secessionism; specifically examining terrorist organizations that also have a political goal of independence. It examines a wide range of case studies, including the IRA in Northern Ireland, ETA in the Basque Country, FLNC in Corsica and ARD in Brittany, KLA in Kosovo, PKK and TAK in Turkish Kurdistan, and IK in Chechnya. In doing so, the book shows the linkages in terrorist tactics and demands, as well as when and how ceasefires come into place. Ultimately, none of the terrorist organizations studied here has obtained their maximalist goal of gaining independence, but each has caused significant bloodshed, and has contributed to the debate on the future of governance in Europe and Eurasia. The major strength of this format is to glean wider lessons on ethno-nationalism, as well as the causes and outcomes of terrorist actions. Each case study also updates the literature on the individual cases to provide the most recent account of events in these countries.

    This book will be of much interest to students of terrorism and political violence, ethnic conflict, nationalism, European politics and International Relations in general.

    1. Introduction: Secessionism and Terrorism Glen M.E. Duerr  2. Terrorism from the Troubles to Good Friday: The IRA in Northern Ireland and the British Isles John Sutcliffe and Geoffrey Alchin  3. Contingent Violence: Arana, Franco, and ETA's Terrorist Actions in the Basque Country? Britt Cartrite  4. Surviving the Jacobin State: Separatist Terrorism with Brittany’s ARB and Corsica’s FLNC Liam Anderson  5. From Separatism to Terrorism and Back: The Case of Kosovo and the KLA Elena Pokalova  6. Terrorism and Counterterrorism on Europe’s Edge: Turkey, Kurdistan, and the PKK/TAK Vaughn Shannon  7. Russia’s Response to IK and Chechen Separatist Terrorism: The Surprising Success of "Ramzanization" Liam Anderson  8. Legitimate Political Discourse versus Terrorism: The counter cases of Quebec’s FLQ, Scotland’s SNLA, and Catalonia’s TL Glen M.E. Duerr  9. Conclusions: Bombs, Blood, and Independence in Europe and Eurasia Glen M.E. Duerr


    Glen M.E. Duerr is Associate Professor of International Studies, Cedarville University, USA, and is author of Secessionism and the European Union (2015).