Second Order Non-linear Optics of Silicon and Silicon Nanostructures  book cover
1st Edition

Second Order Non-linear Optics of Silicon and Silicon Nanostructures

ISBN 9781498724159
Published February 4, 2016 by CRC Press
582 Pages 148 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The theory and practice of the non-linear optics of silicon are inextricably linked with a variety of areas of solid state physics, particularly semiconductor physics. However, the current literature linking these fields is scattered across various sources and is lacking in depth. Second Order Non-linear Optics of Silicon and Silicon Nanostructures describes the physical properties of silicon as they apply to non-linear optics while also covering details of the physics of semiconductors.

The book contains six chapters that focus on:

  • The physical properties and linear optics of silicon
  • Basic theoretical concepts of reflected second harmonics (RSH)
  • The authors’ theory of the generation of RSH at the non-linear medium–linear medium interface
  • An analytical review of work on the non-linear optics of silicon
  • The results of non-linear optical studies of silicon nanostructures
  • A theory of photoinduced electronic processes in semiconductors and their influence on RSH generation

The book also includes methodological problems and a significant amount of reference data. It not only reflects the current state of research but also provides a single, thorough source of introductory information for those who are becoming familiar with non-linear optics. Second Order Non-linear Optics of Silicon and Silicon Nanostructures is a valuable contribution to the fields of non-linear optics, semiconductor physics, and microelectronics, as well as a useful resource for a wide range of readers, from undergraduates to researchers.

Table of Contents


Some Physical Properties of Silicon
Crystal Structure: Volume and Surface
The Band Structure of Silicon
Linear Optics of Silicon
Effect of Mechanical Stresses on the Band Structure and the Optical Spectrum of the Silicon

Generation of Reflected Second Harmonic: Basic Theoretical Concepts
NP: A Phenomenological Approach
Non-Linear Polarization: A Microscopic Approach
Methods for Calculating the Reflected Second Harmonic Field. Formalism of Green’s Functions
Method of Non-Linear Electroreflection

Phenomenological Theory of Generation of Second Harmonic Reflected from Silicon Surface
The Amplitude of RSH on the Surface of Centrosymmetric Semiconductors
Calculation of NP in Crystals
Application of the Theory of Reflected Second Harmonic Generation in Studies of Non-Linear Electroreflectance and Anisotropic Reflected Second Harmonic on the Silicon Surface

Experimental Results of Study of Reflected Harmonic in Silicon
Generation of Anisotropic RSH
RSH Spectroscopy
Electro-Induced Second Harmonic and the NER
Generation of Current-Induced Reflected Second Harmonic
Reflected Second Harmonic Generation Induced by Mechanical Stresses
Higher Harmonics Generation and Optical Rectification in Silicon

Second Harmonic Generation in Silicon Nanostructures
Femtosecond Spectroscopy of SH and Dimensional Effects in Silicon Quantum Dots
Second Harmonic Spectroscopy of Amorphous Periodic Si–SiO2 Quantum Wells

Photoinduced Electronic Processes in Silicon and Their Impact on Reflected Second Harmonic Generation
Qualitative Analysis and Physico–Mathematical Model of Photoinduced Electronic Processes
Unsteady Transverse Dember Effect
Stationary Two-Dimensional Dember Effect

Appendix 1: Parameters of Laser Pumping Sources

Appendix 2: Properties of Silicon

Appendix 3: Fundamentals of Group Theory

Appendix 4: Propagation of Light in Absorbing Medium—Semiconductor

Appendix 5: Linear Optical Parameters of Silicon and Parameters of the Rate of Carriers Photogeneration in Silicon

Appendix 6: Units of Measurement of Non-Linear Optical Susceptibilities and Their Conversion from CGS to SI System

Appendix 7: The Proof of Equation (2.26)

Appendix 8: Determination of the Electric–Magnetic Contribution to Quadratic Non-Linear Polarization

Appendix 9: Bra- and Ket-Vectors

Appendix 10: Justification of the Exponential Model of Spatial Distribution of Electrically Induced Non-Linear Polarization

Appendix 11: Influence of Surface Non-Linear Polarization on p-Polarized RSH Wave

Appendix 12: Non-Linear Polarization

Appendix 13: Casimir Effect

Appendix 14: Model of Bulk Recombination in Silicon

Appendix 15: Concentration Dependences of Mobility and Diffusion Coefficients of Current Carriers in Silicon

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O. A. Aktsipetrov, Moscow State University, Russia (deceased)

I. M. Baranova, Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology, Russia

K. N. Evtyukhov, Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology, Russia