1st Edition

Securing E-Business Applications and Communications

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ISBN 9780849309632
Published June 22, 2001 by Auerbach Publications
360 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Take a walk through the process of setting up a secure E-commerce Web site with Securing E-Business Applications and Communications. In this book, you get a brief but comprehensive look at the fundamental and important cornerstones of E-commerce: from the basics of security to the development and implementation of an actual E-commerce site. Written with the heterogeneous network in mind, it includes implementation examples for Unix (Solaris and Linux), Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000. The authors pay particular attention to the security issues involved. They also highlight the plethora of encryption algorithms that are instrumental in securing data.
Rather than burden you with the intimate details of these algorithms, the authors cover "the pieces" that so many other texts miss. Together, you and the authors develop a site from concept to implementation. Numerous coding examples illustrate the how-tos of the most current technologies - from Microsoft, Sun, and others - to support secure transactions. They also explore the most popular web servers, the technologies that drive them, and commercial utilities that can be used to manage them remotely.
While there are plenty of expensive, shrink-wrapped packages that claim to do everything you need, nothing is better than rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and learning how the technology works. Spend some time doing that now and you'll save yourself a bundle of money over the long haul. There is no other comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to create a secure e-commerce site than Securing E-Business Applications and Communications. Without it, you will spend countless hours finding the information it contains.

Table of Contents

E-Commerce: The What and the Why
The Digital Revolution
A Prelude of Things to Come
The Need for Security: Learning from Other's Mistakes
A Tangled Web Is Weaved
CGI by Example
Hello PHF
Thinking Like a Hacker
Adding Automation to the Task
Properly Handling CGI
Keep the Noise Down
Know What Thy Foe Knows
Passwords: Security's Weakest Link
The Heart of the Problem
Contending with the Internet
Statistics Don't Lie
The Mathematics of Passwords
UNIX and Linux
Windows 95/Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Electronic Business (E-Business)
Arpanet-Precursor of a Digital Revolution
Awash in Buzzwords
Business and the Internet
E-Business Models
Data Encryption
Monoalphabetic Substitution
Polyalphabetic Substitution
Commercial Encryption Standards
Closing Thoughts
Hash Algorithms
Message Digest (MD) Hash Functions
SHA-1 Hash Function
Understanding the Java Hashing Program
A Practical Web-Based Java Cryptography Example
Concluding Thoughts
Authentication Protocols and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
Kerberos History
X.509 Certificate Introduction and History
Concluding Thoughts
Secure Remote Management
The Windows 2000 Telnet Service
Secure Shell (SSH-1 And SSH-2)
FTP, Secure FTP, and SCP
Virtual Network Comptuer (VNC)
Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
Concluding Thoughts
The Technology That Enables E-Commerce
Developing Client/Server RDBMS Applications Using Java Servlets and JDBC
JDBC Applications
Web Servers
Microsoft's Active Server
Command Object
Concluding Thoughts
Some Final Key Points

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