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    Security Manual provides practical guidance on all aspects of security work and is a ready made source of information for all members of the security profession, including managers, supervisors and trainers. This eighth edition has been fully restructured to better reflect recent changes in the criminal law, fire protection and security practices. New chapters on powers of arrest, industrial disputes, conflict resolution, dealing with emergencies, cultural awareness and door supervising have been added, including the latest information and procedures that should be adopted in relation to an act of terrorism. The manual continues to pay attention to the law of theft, other criminal offences affecting security and the basics of security practice, and can rightly be regarded as the standard overall work on the subject and a practical reference for existing security practitioners and those who are aspiring to enter the security profession. Security Manual is also ideal for those seeking professional qualifications such as: NVQ Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Security Guarding and for Supervisors; NVQ Level 3 in Investigations; C&G, BIIAB and NCFE qualifications in Door Supervision. Security Manual is the essential guide to this subject, and has been described as 'standard issue for every security officer, along with the uniform'.

    Contents: Foreword; Preface; Basics; General security duties; Patrolling duties; Security in public places; Cash security; Protection of premises and alarm systems; Security and vehicles; Law of theft and related offences; Other relevant criminal law; Powers of arrest; Police procedure following private arrest; Searching; Investigation and questioning; Notebooks and reports; Evidence and court procedure; Industrial and trade disputes; Health and safety and accident prevention; Fire precautions; Dealing with emergencies; First aid; Conflict resolution; Cultural and diversity awareness; Drugs awareness; Door supervisors; The Security Industry Authority, professional standards and further education; Appendix: Professional bodies; Index.


    David Brooksbank's background is in the police service where he served West Yorkshire Police for 29 years. He is now the proprietor of David Brooksbank Workshops and Seminars, a training company specializing in personal safety, violence and aggression management and security training. David is renowned in the UK for his unique expertise in personal safety, security and managing aggression and violence training and has spoken at many conferences and seminars on the subject. He is a part-time lecturer at Shipley College and a training consultant for North Tyneside College and South Derbyshire College. He is also a Fellow of the International Institute of Security, sitting on their security industry academic liaison committee, and a distance learning tutor for the City and Guilds accredited course in the practice of security management (Levels 1 and 2).

    ’In recent years the security industry has been the subject of increasingly detailed regulation and the need for better training and development of personnel has become clear. This book provides both an excellent introduction to the industry for the new recruit while serving as a valuable reference book for the more experienced operative and supervisor.’ - David Stephens , Professional Manager '...he has packed so much into what will fit handily into a blazer or coat pocket.' Professional Security Reviews from Previous edition: 'Rightly felt to be the standard, overall work on the subject, and a must for those studying for International Institute of Security membership.' International Security Review '... well regarded...deals with virtually every security situation.' Property People 'provides practical guidance on all aspects of security.' Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce 'This great "little" book is packed with practical guidance on all aspects of security' Occupational Safety and Health 'it should be standard issue to any security officer, along with his uniform!' International Security Review 'For those who hold a previous issue of this splendid book it's time to update, for those who have yet to see this publication - buy a copy soon! ... Personally, I would suggest that security professionals (at all levels) would find this book a valuable "aid memoir" to have to hand in the office and an essential item to be carried in a briefcase when in transit.' Security Management and Industry Today