1st Edition

Security and Everyday Life

Edited By Vida Bajc, Willem de Lint Copyright 2011
    322 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    332 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    When everyday social situations and cultural phenomena come to be associated with a threat to security, security becomes a value which competes with other values – particularly the right to privacy and human rights. In this comparison, security appears as an obvious choice over the loss of some aspects of other values and is seen as a reasonable and worthwhile sacrifice because of what security promises to deliver. When the value of security is elevated to the top of the collective priorities, it becomes a meta-frame, a reference point in relation to which other aspects of social life are articulated and organized. With the tendency to treat a variety of social issues as security threats and the public’s growing acceptance of surveillance as an inevitable form of social control, the security meta-frame rises to the level of a dominant organizing principle in such a way that it shapes the parameters and the conditions of daily living.

    This volume offers case studies from multiple countries that show how our private and public life is shaped by the security meta-frame and surveillance. It is essential reading for everyone who is interested in the changes to be faced in social life, privacy, and human freedoms during this age of security and surveillance.

    Introduction: Security Meta-Framing: A Cultural Logic of an Ordering Practice  Vida Bajc  Public Spaces and Collective Activities  1. "No Joking!"  Mark Salter  2. Security Meta-framing of Collective Activity in Public Spaces: The Pope John Paul II in the Holy City  Vida Bajc  Struggle and Resistance  3. When the Israeli State of Exception Meets the Exception: The Case of Tali Fahima  Liora Sion  4. Rethinking National Security Policies and Practices in Transnational Contexts: Border Resistance  Kathleen Staudt  Law, Citizenship, and the State  5. A Note on Security Modulation  Willem de Lint  6. Before the Law: Creeping Lawlessness in Canadian National Security  Reem Bahdi  7. The Pre-Emptive Mode of Regulation: Terrorism, Law, and Security  Gabe Mythen  Global Agendas, Local Transformations  8. Re/Building the E.U.: Governing through Counterterrorism  Sirpa Virta  9. Transnational Media Corporations (TNMCs) and National Culture as a Security Concern in China  Jiang Fei and Huang Kuo  10. Security Metamorphosis in Latin America  Nelson Arteaga Botello  Conclusion: Security and Everyday Life  Willem de Lint


    Vida Bajc is completing her doctorate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Willem de Lint is Professor of Criminal Justice at Flinders Law School, Flinders University of South Australia.

    "Vida Bajc and Willen de Lint offer the anthology Security and Everyday Life. Framed as ‘a contribution to our understanding of the dynamics associated with seeing all sorts of everyday social situations and cultural phenomena [as] a potential threat to security’ (p. 1), this anthology is organized around four thematic sections with an introduction by Bajc and a conclusion by de Lint serving as bookends." – Brendan McQuade, Binghamton University, USA

    "Within its scope, Security and Everyday Life provides a rather insightful view of the situation right now. All in all, I would recommend this volume for researchers not only in the above-mentioned fields of research, but also in leisure, tourism and mobility studies. The multidisciplinary qualities of the publication make it a useful reference in a wide field of enquiry." – Petri Hottola, Annals of Leisure Research

    “The editors have succeeded in presenting a coherent outlook on security to the reader – something rarely achieved in edited volumes… The strength of the volume is clearly its theoretical cohesiveness and wide scope of ethnographic ‘‘thick descriptions’’... the book is an important and much needed discussion of security as a pervasive concept restructuring everyday lives globally... This volume might help to spark a new discussion about what role security should play in the life of each and every one of us.”Christian Tagsold, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology