1st Edition

Security in Northern Europe Deterrence, Defence and Dialogue

Edited By John Andreas Olsen Copyright 2019

    NATO’s Northern members are increasingly concerned about Russia’s military activities. This Whitehall Paper contains perspectives from prominent authors across the region, showing how member states are responding, individually and collectively, to Moscow’s resurgence. Overall, it identifies the common but differentiated responsibility that member states have for security in the Alliance’s northern regions.

    Foreword Stuart Peach

    Introduction: Security in Northern Europe John Andreas Olsen

    1. The High North: A Call for a Competitive Strategy Rolf Tamnes

    2. The Baltic Region Tomas Jermalavičius and Eerik Marmei

    3. The Nordic Region Svein Efjestad

    4. The UK and the Northern Group: A Necessary Partnership Peter Roberts

    5. Defence and Security in Northern Europe: A German Perspective Karl-Heinz Kamp

    6. Netherlands Defence and Security Policy: Coping with a ‘New Normal’? Frans Osinga

    7. Poland: NATO’s Front Line State Marcin Zaborowski

    8. Defence and Security in Northern Europe: A Washington View Alexander Vershbow and Magnus Nordenman

    9. Canada and Security in Northern Europe David Perry

    10. NATO and the Challenge in the North Atlantic and the Arctic James G Foggo and Alarik Fritz

    Conclusion: Deterrence, Defence and Dialogue John Andreas Olsen


    John Andreas Olsen is a colonel in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, currently assigned to London as defence attaché. He is also a visiting professor at the Swedish Defence University and a non-resident senior fellow of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies. His previous assignments include tours as director of security analyses in the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, deputy commander at NATO Headquarters at Sarajevo, dean of the Norwegian Defence University College and head of the college’s division for strategic studies. Olsen is a graduate of the German Command and Staff College and has served as liaison officer to the German Operational Command and as military assistant to the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin. He has a doctorate from De Montfort University and a master’s degree from the University of Warwick. Olsen has published several books, including Strategic Air Power in Desert Storm (2003); John Warden and the Renaissance of American Air Power (2007); A History of Air Warfare (2010); The Evolution of Operational Art (2011); Global Air Power (2011); The Practice of Strategy (2012); Air Commanders (2012); Destination NATO (2013); European Air Power (2014); Airpower Reborn (2015); NATO and the North Atlantic (2017); Airpower Applied (2017) and Routledge Handbook of Air Power (2018).