1st Edition

Seismic Design Methodologies for the Next Generation of Codes

Edited By P. Fajfar, H. Krawinkler Copyright 1997

    These proceedings, arising from an international workshop, present research results and ideas on issues of importance to seismic risk reduction and the development of future seismic codes.

    Performance-based seismic engineering: A critical review of proposed guidelines, Defining performance objectives, Opportunities and challenges - Development of performance-sensitive engineering, Research issues in performance based seismic engineering , Development of performance-based design methodology in Japan, Opportunities and pitfalls of performance based seismic engineering, International comparisons of concrete element strength requirements in seismic codes,Seismic design with vertical earthquake motion, Seismic detailing of reinforced concrete structures and performance-based codes,Uncertainties associated with ductility performance of steel building structures,The improvement of the seismic-resistant design for existing and new structures using damage concept, Extreme of structural characteristic factor to reduce seismic forces due to energy absorbing capacity, Seismic damage evaluation treated as a low-cycle fatigue process,Evaluation of seismic performance parameters,A deformation-based seismic design procedure for structural wall buildings,Concepts and procedures for direct displacement-based design and assessment,A simplified nonlinear method for seismic damage analysis of structures,Displacement-based design of RC buildings: Proposed approach and application,Performance level criteria and evaluation,Development and apphcation of a displacement-based design approach for moment-resisting,Partial inelastic analysis procedure for optimum capacity design of R/ C buildings, A simple approach for evaluating performance levels of moment-resisting steel frames, Estimation of maximum interstoiy drift demands in displacement-based design, Performance assessment for a reinforced concrete frame building,Inelastic analysis techniques in seismic evaluations,A behaviour-based design approach to earthquake-induced torsion in ductile buildings,On the seismic performance of yielding asymmetric multistorey buildings: A review and a case study, Seismic response of asymmetrical buildings using pushover analysis, Seismic resistance verification of masonry buildings: Following the new trends, Masonry infilled frames as an effective structural sub-assemblage,Seismic analysis of viaduct structures - Which method to choose? Effect of foundation interaction on reduction factor of RC piers, The 1996 Japanese seismic design specifications of highway bridges and the performance, A displacement-based design approach for seismically isolated bridges , Performance-based design of seismic restrainers for simply-supported bridges,Notes on definitions of overstrength factors.


    P. Fajfar