1st Edition

Selected Contributions to Psycho-Analysis

By John Rickman Copyright 2003
    417 Pages
    by Routledge

    412 Pages
    by Routledge

    A most welcome re-issue of John Rickman's classic collection of papers, with a preface by Pearl King, to partner her edited volume, No Ordinary Psychoanalyst: The Exceptional Contributions of John Rickman, also published by Karnac.

    Preface -- Foreword -- Editorial Note -- An Unanalysed Case: Anal Erotism, Occupation and Illness (1921) -- A Psychological Factor in the Aetiology of Descensus Uteri, Laceration of the Perineum and Vaginismus (1926) -- Discussion on Lay-Analysis (1927) -- On Some of the Standpoints of Freud and Jung (1928) -- On Quotations (1929) -- The Psychology of Crime (1932) -- On ‘Unbearable’ Ideas and Impulses (1937) -- Sigmund Freud: A Personal Impression (1939) -- The General Practitioner and Psycho-Analysis (1939) -- On the Nature of Ugliness and the Creative Impulse (Marginalia Psychoanalytica. II) (1940) -- A Case of Hysteria—Theory and Practice in the Two Wars (1941) -- Sigmund Freud 1856–1939: An Appreciation (1941) -- Psychology in Medical Education (1947) -- The Application of Psycho-Analytical Principles to Hospital In-Patients (1948) -- Guilt and the Dynamics of Psychological Disorder in the Individual (1948) -- On the Criteria for the Termination of an Analysis (1950) -- The Rôle and Future of Psychotherapy within Psychiatry (1950) -- The Development of Psychological Medicine (1950) -- The Factor of Number in Individual- and Group-Dynamics (1950) -- Reflections on the Function and Organization of a Psycho-Analytical Society (1951) -- Methodology and Research in Psycho-Pathology (1951) -- Number and the Human Sciences (1951) -- A Survey: The Development of the Psychoanalytical Theory of the Psychoses 1 . 1894–1926 (1926–1927) -- Need for Belief in God (1938)


    Rickman, John